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Trever Reeh
teacher and life long learner.
teacher and life long learner.

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Exponential Growth through TAG
After a great day of teaching exponential growth and decay, I felt like my students really knew the topic forwards and backwards. We did this Desmos activity as some students were finish up their MAP test. It was a great Desmos activity, almost all the stud...

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Solving Trig Ratios and Google Expeditions
Last year I did a solving trig ratios using Google Cardboards and the app Google Cardboard, but on Android devices the app is different from one platform to the next, so I needed an upgrade. I have been looking at Google Expeditions for a while now and fina...

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Probability Through Caine's Arcade
First day of our probability unit we watched this video. Day 1: I chose this video, because most of my students are hispanic and I think the biggest thing in our school right now is empathy. We talked about having games of chance like in the video they just...

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Statistics Sampling through Articles
In our statistics unit for Algebra 2, we talk about measures of central tendency then we go over different types of sampling. The four we talk about random, convenience, systematic, and cluster. Students don't really know what these are, we talk about when ...

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License Plate Combinations
When we come back from winter break we normally start our probability and statistics unit. I normally take a week for probability and a week for statistics which normally melts into three weeks. I've always thought nothing of changing it, but during winter ...

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Posting Teacher Goals
I was reading this blog post, I can't seem to find it now. It had 21 things teachers should try in 2017, number 19 was "Post Your Goals in Your Classroom." I thought this would be an excellent way for students to see what I am working on in the classroom an...

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Codename: Numbers
The 2016 game of the year was Codenames, but for Christmas my wife and I were given Codenames Pictures, which is an equally awesome game. The basic gameplay is that you have a partner or a group where one person gives a one word clue and a number which corr...

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Children's Books for Algebra 2 Part 2
Children's books are a great way to get students interested in your content. Picking the right book is more difficult for the topic area. Here are three more children's books perfect for Algebra 2 class. We are Growing by Laurie Keller This book shows grass...

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Marshmallow Catapult
When graphing parabolas I had lots of students ask when are we going to use this. One way I wanted to answer the question was by getting their hands dirty and make things. As of lately I have been big into the maker push, where students learn best by buildi...

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Polynomial Video Games Using Floors
As we were progressing through our polynomial unit in Algebra 2 I thought looking back that the focus was on factoring polynomials and not too much on graphing polynomials. I wanted them graphing polynomials and learning about polynomials without traditiona...
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