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Marshall Smith
The best me that ever lived.
The best me that ever lived.

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Fated (WW)
(As a reminder, Writing Wednesday is when I slip a book review in between the movie reviews.) This weekend, my wife and I drove up to Canada and back. Among other things, it gave us a chance to check out an audiobook. We picked Fated, the first book in the ...

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Cars 3
Pixar has a pretty staggering track record of amazing movies. The first Cars movie was where I decided that I should always trust them. The premise looked thoroughly stupid, but the movie ended up being very good. Then Cars 2 came along and really betrayed ...

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Living With a Compromise
Our next series of word comes from Brittany Balcom. This is the kind of set that I really anticipated being a problem. They aren't instantly evocative, they don't make good names, and they tend to function better on the personal scale than the setting scale...

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The Wheel in the Sky Keeps Turning
My lovely friend Liz clearly looked at her bookshelf to generate this list of words. As such, it's a fabulous list for our purposes: Dune, game, code, hunger, wheel, wizard, stranger I'm trying to avoid pulling any of the original titles in as inspiration, ...

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Again and Again
This was a decidedly challenging set, primarily because it was a sentence rather than a group of words: The Devil went down to Georgia ...again A couple of these are easy (Devil and Georgia). A couple are really hard (I still don't like what I had to do to ...

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The Hellebore Society
And back to the final set from my kith, when he finally stopped screwing with me. And so we get a set of proper words, that are wonderfully, instantly evocative: Blonde, hellebore, melee, nervy, rising, drinking, tink I don't know about you guys, but I went...

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Three is a Magic Number
Today we're getting away from the really weird sets of words and back to the kind of set I was expecting. We have: Contemplate, poison, triangle, outrage, perplexed, resilient, allegiance For an RPG setting, there are a couple of easy words there. "Perplexe...

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Sharing is Caring, Always
I mentioned in my last post that I got a couple really terrible sets of words from my kith. Today's post is the second of these. I, sharing, oh, you, always, warning, PETA This is considerably better than yesterday's batch. There are only two pronouns and o...

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This Land is My Land
So my loving sister chose to hit me up with a couple really annoying sets of words. This is where I really noticed that I should have been more specific in my request. I, my, he, such, um, yes, daw! How the heck am I supposed to craft a setting around a bun...

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The Enclave
Facebook popped up with a memory, and reminded me that I never finished my setting challenge . Let's get going on this again, huh? The next one in the list was: frustrating, angry, remote, forever, freezing, beyond, control The trickiest word was definitely...
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