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Yesterday I scored the nicest-looking quartersawn red oak I have ever seen. Clear. Arrow-straight. And 16" wide -- yes quartersawn. Less than $4/bf, naturally. It was like getting El Bulli food at Golden Corral.
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Can't really ask for anything better. The biggest quatersawn oak I've got was about 10" wide.
Nice score Chris. When I started working at McIlvain I was stunned to see just how much wide Red and White Oak was out there. You would think it is scarce by looking at the retail yards, but that is just because the wide stuff has been picked over by the flooring guys who then rip it into strips and T&G it. Buying direct from the mill is sometimes the only way to get the wide stuff now. Congrats and what do you have planned?
Shannon. The wood will be our Campaign-style traveling display case for Lost Art Press. I'll post a sketch later.
WOW Excellent wood. Look forward to the project. Please share a little as you go.
I really cant wait to see your Campaign-Style stuff. when i was in the USMC I was in aah of the old deployment desks.
And you had to Remind me about El Bulli... I was just barely getting over the news.
If only you could bleach it and get quarter sawn white oak!
NICE! both the boards and the price!