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Steve Cole
Really, really, confused.
Really, really, confused.

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You listen.  OK. 

I tried the new google maps on my PC for an hour.  That was enough.  It's harder to use.  Less intuitive. 

As for Android.  Imagine me driving and I enter an address.  Then I have to go through a series of steps to find the Navigate button.  Do you think that is safe?  Or maybe unsafe?

Are you trying to send me to iPhones? 

Put the Navigation button on as many screens as possible.

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or paid!
I might hand these out to people as awards at work.

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No problem!!..... You go first!!
Are these exercises possible? Am watching this while eating popcorn
44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever! (High Def) 

h/t CC

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Too bad our legislators don't understand separation of church and state.

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From Tom Petty to Neil Young, Gwen Stefani and others ... when it comes to singing voices, sometimes quirky is best.

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Imagine a world where all business is done this way!!!
The art of asking: Amanda Palmer.
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