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Why it has take so long to get an engine working
Some of you have been asking why it takes so long to sort an
engine out. I thought I would explain. Last Summer, I had rather grandiose plans
of going on a transat cruise, in a sort-off sabbatical . My plans were rather
spontaneous, so due to the short noti...

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Calttering Coupling Woes
Well at least we have diagnosed the clattering noise, by using the problem solving technique of ruling out the other problems. It seems that the rear coupling is not true and it is bent. I am not sure if it was dropped at one stage, or whether it is out due...

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Engine and Gearbox woes
Well it has been a year now since the engine was out to sort out a gearbox whine that sounded very much like the bearings had gone. At the same time the engine was serviced. I normally have the work on the engine done by my engineer that I used on my last y...

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Here comes the sun!
It is likely that I will spend much time onboard Rosie this summer. One thing I that Rosie used to have is an inbuilt ice box, but this was removed at some stage. The quarterberth used to be a generator locker, but now it seems electrics are provided by ren...

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A step up on the Ladder front
I decided that the plastimo standard chandlers ladder that was inherited with the yacht was bit below Rosie's standards. So a I have refurbished an old mahogany ladder and and with new stainless steel lugs, looks the part. The only trouble is that it can on...

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Water water everywhere except on Rosie
It's Easter and Ipswich seems to have been invaded by eye wateringly expensive and smelly double-diesel guzzling mobo's. It's okay is you like that sort of thing, but it does seem they miss the tranquility of yachting. This one parked up next to me and rew'...

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Aries vs Haslar
This image shows Humphrey Barton  inspecting the Aries (no.3) onto the transom. It was installed in 1968 in Gibraltar before a transAtlantic. The mounting will be similar for the Haslar gear, as will the size of the wind vane (except Haslars are not ply but...

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Some work on the poop deck
Rosie looking resplendent in her Winter berth. a lot of work is going on around the poop deck at present. The first thing is that the Rutland wind turbine needs a service as the bearings were making a nasty vibration. I think this could have been down to la...

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I have been Dodging a bit of work
has not been a particularly  cold winter, but it has been grey and
damp and I lost a bit of boat “restoration motivation”.  This was partly because I had so many problems
with the Perkins after an “official service”.  New, more competent engineers have m...

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Rosie gets a new winter cover to protect her fresh paint

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