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Connie Bensen
Community Strategist: Redefining Communications
Community Strategist: Redefining Communications


Had a great time at ReInvent in Vegas. Amazon is doing an amazing job of building a community.

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I had a similar view behind my house in MN

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The Content Promotion Ecosystem

This is a great graphic and solid article from +RelevancePublication on the ecosystem around paid promotion of content: I think this merging of paid promotion and amplification of content is going to be very big over the next few years.

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In #B2B arena, #LinkedIn proved to be dominant with 33% of marketers are favoring its usage over other networking platforms. #Facebook, however, is not far behind with 31% of respondents prioritizing it as their first choice for marketing. #Twitter is upheld by 16% and Blogging by 11% of respondents.

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Thanks to +Evan Prokop for the great overview of my session at #MNSummit cc: +Amy Heiss
Your marketing is social but is your business?
Tapping in to the value of social media and networks to insource subject matter experts and improve collaboration for advocacy and marketing is no easy task. The good news is that people like +Connie Bensen at Dell are making great progress and have lessons we can all learn from.

Here's a new blog post from TopRank's +Evan Prokop covering Connie's recent presentation on creating a culture for making a business social - given at the MnSearch #MnSummit  conference last week.

The 5 tips shared are relevant for large, complex organizations as well as small and mid-market companies that want to understand how to organize their efforts to empower employees and the business to become more social. 

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*A SEO Guru, Social Media Expert & PR Pro walk into a content marketing bar... *
Hopefully your definition of content marketing isn't a joke.

Here's a collection of insights into how companies can elevate their content marketing through integration and a customer focused approach.

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Some great quotes from Social Media Marketing World '14 #SMMW14  

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This is too TOO cute!
3D Coffee Art

I've been seeing Kazuki Yamamoto's coffee art for some time now, but now he's added a new dimension. His 3D coffee art is beyond amazing. It'd be hard to drink and ruin one of his creations.

#coffee #coffeeart

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Thanks +Kare Anderson  for the invite! It looks interesting.
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