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Justin Craddock
Obsessed fisherman with a camera.
Obsessed fisherman with a camera.

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Waiting for the High Country
Hello everybody.  The weather has allowed the north to remain in a half-winter state so far this year.  It's very strange to think that lakes in the 9000's are still holding ice up here. Meanwhile, I've stayed busy in the south, where it's mostly open water...

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Spring Update '17
Hello, fish people!  2017 has had a sluggish start, just like '16 and '15 did, but the onset of Spring has brought some better fortune with the warmer weather. Like usual, the ice fishing season wasn't very good.  There are still places to go and drill hole...

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2016: Year In Review
What?  It's over already?  They say time flies when you're having fun and 2016 blew right by, so I must have had a stellar year of fishing! The first couple of months foreshadowed no greatness, as I had a very difficult time catching fish on ice.  It wasn't...

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A Whole Lotta Brookie
There seems to be a theme for most of my trips, lately.  As I review the string of photos for this update, it becomes apparent that I am severely and hopelessly addicted to "square tails".  I've always enjoyed catching brookies, but for the last 4 or 5 year...

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Southern Salvelinus
The two weeks have been very enjoyable, chasing brookies in southern Utah waters, but I'll get to that in a moment.  Before any of that happened, Holdsworth and I visited Strawberry Reservoir in search of big cutthroat. Choosing to float near the dam, along...

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Utah Fishing, April-July [MEGA POST]
​ Hello everyone! It's high time I let you all know what I've been doing for the past four months. I'll give you a hint: I've been fishing. Ha! The weather was pretty strange in April. Winter didn't really want to make way for the spring and we continue...

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Slow Far, Slow Good
Hey everybody, it's been awhile since I posted. I've certainly been fishing quite a bit, but I must admit; I've gotten my butt kicked so far in 2016. The ice season has not treated me well at all, only yielding a total of 5 trout in​ the 4 weeks​ I went.​...

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2015: Year In Review
Well this year has really been something else!  Starting with a bit of a sputter, ’15 slowly worked up to being pretty good!  Let’s review: First fish of 2015 was a largemouth on lunch break: Then a channel cat: Onto some ice fishing, here’s a small tiger a...

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Autumn Fishing 2015
It's been an interesting fall.  From stream fishing in central Utah to ice fishing in southern Utah, add a funeral to the mix and that's my story since early October. One or two nights before Holdsworth and I were going to explore a "new" small stream, we l...

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Summer Vol. 3
It's always sad for me to kiss the summer goodbye, since it means that winter is on its way. There is a silver lining to this cloudy realization though. Fall fishing. Here's a review of the last month of summer, plus the first week of autumn. 8-30: With a...
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