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B&D Mixtape is in the recording stage. New singles and release dates coming soon
B&D Mixtape is in the recording stage. New singles and release dates coming soon

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Old but figures I'd still remind yaz!

Hey guyz I finally got #StillAllAboutTheChorus recorded it's in the editing stage now. Give me some ideas for artwork and video yall wanna see

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I know this one is something of a downer, but I feel it's also an important PSA.

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If you're an artist or supporter of Hip Hop, underground especially, please join our project. At first at least, we can't offer or promise pay for your contributions. However, if we successfully go viral and earn enough, we WILL offer contracts for profit sharing to all who make submissions we use.

This is a documentary and web series. It is also a great opportunity for FREE EXPOSURE.

This project is cerebral; intellectually challenging; thought provoking. We are collectively trying to accomplish a goal. We want to raise awareness, invite more supporters, and show what the underground truly has to offer the world. This is a progressive movement and your beliefs may be challenged in the process. Be ready to be raw; open and honest; mature and accepting.

The viewers will be enriched. You just have to share it when each webisode is done. 5 seconds every other day. That's all it takes to be seen and heard.

Please comment to request a link to the interview documents. Name yourself as either an artist / producer or supporter / employee.

I can only currently take 5 of each at the present time. First come, first considered!

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Ok so the #JurassicWorld "Experience" at #BestBuy turned out to suck. It's just the same trailer that I saw on my hd tv the other night good one and it's advertised all over the store really!?

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This 16yo kills it, is clear, has worked with tech, and adds his own verse

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Gonna be contacting some of yaz over the next few months for some free promo as a featured artist on my site and #IAS to be reviewed follow me on Twitter at and #DM me!

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