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Grafton Doyle is an Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, and Improviser
Grafton Doyle is an Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, and Improviser

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Origins Of Theatre

Theatre has been around centuries. Entertaining masses of people through performances has been an art form since the days of the Greeks. Spanning all over the world, every society enjoys some form of theatre. This article will discuss the origins of theatre and how theatre became what is it today.

The Greeks

The Greeks are considered to be the creators of theatre. In the earliest years of performance entertainment, the Greeks sang hymns to worship their gods which were turned into choruses to be performed for the masses. The tyrant Pisistratus became the first to create a festival of entertainment. This festival was aimed to worship the god Dionysus and included competition in music, dance, poetry, and singing. The first plays were performed in Athens Greece. The plays consisted of one actor known as the protagonist and a chorus of people who helped move the story. The oldest surviving play is from 472 BC called “The Persians.” The drama was broken up into three different categories, tragedy, comedy, and satyr. The Greeks were the creators of theatre and helped expand the art form into societies across the world.

The Romans

Through the expansion of the Roman Republic, Romans encounter Greek theatre in several of its territories. 240 BC marks the dawn of Roman drama. Greek theatre was still prominent in the newly conquered Roman territories. By the start of the second century, the Romans had a school of writers for comedy and tragedy dramas. The Romans adopted much of the style of the Greeks when writing their dramas. One change that the Romans made is they did away with the chorus and split their dramas into episodes and added music to them to help with transitions. Many of the comedies that were written by the Romans at this time do not exist anymore. Tragedies from well-known writers at that time survive to this day and are used to help understand what theatre performances were like.

Byzantine Empire and Medieval theatre

The Byzantine empire played a large part in preserving and adapting the texts and styles of Greek writers. During the Medieval period saw the disorganization of traditional theatre and the rise of staged dramas of biblical events. The biblical dramas were performed on days of Christian celebration to help emphasize the importance of the holy day. These liturgical dramas were sung and did not include actors. Hrosvitha wrote comedies based off of religious events around the time of liturgical dramas in the tenth century.
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How to be A Successful Entrepreneur
As an entrepreneur, there are many challenges you will have to face in order to become successful. Being an entrepreneur can be difficult, but follow these steps to help guide you in the right direction to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

A Passion For What You Do

Any entrepreneurial endeavor you have will not succeed unless you have a passion for it. Being able to put your heart into your work will make the work you are doing easier and also more gratifying. Motivate yourself with your work by going after things that you are passionate about, and you will soon reap the rewards for following your instinct.

Small Steps

You may be excited about your next entrepreneurial endeavor but stray away from throwing everything you have at the next big task. Look to take baby steps first before you take any big leaps. Use risk management as a tool to evaluate what you can and cannot do in terms of finances. Having big goals for your business is never a bad thing, but always look at it through a different lens to ensure you are able to achieve those goals and still remain afloat in your business.

Good Partners

Two brains are better than one. Look to hire a good partner to help you with your business. Surround yourself with people who have been through what you are going through this time in your career. Good partners can provide helpful advice so you can avoid making the same mistakes that they did. A good partner is someone who has a positive and realistic mindset. A good partner should be someone that you respect and can equally show you respect as an entrepreneur. Statistically, you are more likely to succeed in an entrepreneurial endeavor when you have a partner.


Establish a plan for yourself. Know what you are going to do to succeed. Make sure your plan is as detailed as possible. Add specifics of what you’re going to accomplish and how you’re going to accomplish it. Your plan does not have to be fifteen pages long. Include the essentials of your plan and use it as your foundation. In some cases, you may have to change your plan. Be flexible enough to be able to adjust your plan according to your goals. Unexpected issues can come up, and it is your job to adapt to them when necessary.

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How to Find and Ace an Acting Audition

Acing auditions are an essential part of becoming an actor or actress. Often they can be nerve-wracking and stressful if you aren’t prepared but one great audition can land you the part and change your whole career.

Getting an Agent or Manager

It is important to find an agent or manager because they can be a key contact in finding you auditions and recommending you to directors. Often you will need to get a referral or have a stunning resume in order to get signed on by an agent or manager. Agents also hold workshops to find new clients as well. Of course, there are no guarantees that you will get a role even if you do have an agent. Agents take a part of your salary if you do get hired.

Finding an Audition on Your Own

- Use your own contacts to find an audition – reaching out to your network of acting teachers, colleagues, and friends are all a great resource to hear about auditions in the area. Even if they don’t they most likely have a contact that they can put you in touch with to help you out.

- Casting Calls – Many TV networks and radio stations post auditions on their websites. You can find auditions and casting calls in newspapers or theatre magazines. Also look in newspapers of large metropolitan areas with big entertainment industries.

- Use Social Media – Event pages are often used to spread the word about open casting calls and auditions.

- Create an Account on Audition Websites – Post your headshots on the sites and your experience. Sites like as well as are good resources but be wary of using these sites as your only means of getting an audition. Often they charge you a fee and you don’t get much return on them.

Do Your Research

The number one rule is to always have your resume and headshot with you. Even if you have a manager that already sent one over it is better to be prepared, you won’t be remembered if you don’t have one and it can cost you the part even if you have a great audition. Always make sure that you know where you are going, and if you don’t leave early.
Do your research! Become familiar with the material that you are auditioning with so that you can put your own spin on it rather than reading it off the page. In addition, do research on the show and make sure to know the character you are auditioning for.

Make an Impression

From the second you walk in the room the producers and directors will be judging you. Make sure you are confident no matter how nervous you are. Actors and Actresses need people to be drawn to their characters, they see sometimes hundred of auditions during the day, you want to make sure that you leave a lasting impression. Do not lie about memorizing lines, they can tell if you haven’t so it is better, to be honest and look off of a script and have a great audition rather than to improvise and change the lines of a script, especially when the writer might be in the room.

After The Audition

Leave a way for the casting directors to contact you directly. Even if you have an agent that could change years down the line and casting directors might keep your headshot on file and remember you, but then have no way to reach out to you. Keep business cards on hand or put it on your resume, you never know who might find your headshot and want to call you. You might not hear back for days or weeks about the audition, do not stress.
The best way to master auditions is to do it over and over again. This will help you get over nerves, see what works and what doesn’t for you, as well as get free practice! You can sometimes gain valuable tips from casting directors even if you don’t get the part, and this advice could help you land a role during a future audition.

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Is Getting An Acting Degree Important?It’s common economic sense that when supply for a product outweighs demand, versions of that product which are particularly effective, novel or otherwise positively distinguished sell and succeed at a much higher rate than generic or unremarkable competitors.

The rules for success as a professional actor operate similarly. An acting career is a dream chased by many, which is precisely why the drama scene is such a tricky field to break into. To truly distinguish themselves in the game, actors need to take advantage of any competitive edge available to them. A drama degree is an excellent example of a valuable resource aspiring performers can obtain to catalyze their rise in the industry.

An Acting Degree Opens Doors

I’ve written before on how skilled actors can locate auditions which suit their talents. A theatre or drama degree from a school with an established acting program, in addition to real talent, can equal serious industry connections, agent interest, and auditions for prime roles. However, the opportunities opened through of a theatre-based education far exceed the stage. A decent theater degree can easily earn invaluable contacts in the fields of visual arts, set design, script writing and art consultation.

An Acting Degree Builds Skills

Obtaining a college degree goes beyond any industry clout a simple scrap of paper might bring. College offers actors a chance to engage in various courses, determine where their skills lie and develop talents in line with professional goals. This period of growth and maturation ensures well-rounded professional development and allows actors to gain critical experience in self-analysis and discipline. Other skills resulting from a theatre degree include collaborative know-how and an increased ability to write and research effectively.

An Acting Degree Creates Confidence

It is impossible to overstate the effect confidence (or lack thereof) can have on individual success. Simply viewing ourselves as capable can often overcome any lingering doubts or knowledge gaps. Confident people exude charisma and contagious energy, both of which are essential traits for achieving mastery as an actor. The college experience offers potential for building a strong network of support, and being surrounded by people who believe in you makes it difficult not to feel confident.

So if You Want To Act, Learn to Act

If studying theatre or drama at a well-established institution is a feasible option for you, the benefits of doing so could be exactly the boost you need to succeed in acting and evolve yourself from a dreamer to an achiever.

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The Quadruple Threat

Performers looking to be involved in musical theatre have to be multi-talented. You should know how to act, sing, and dance to better market yourself as a performer to theatre companies. These three skills are considered “The Triple Threat.” In some cases, these three skills may not make the cut for future auditions. Welcome to the age of the Quadruple Threat.

On top of honing your skills at acting, singing, and dancing, theatre companies are looking for performers who also have either one, or several unique talents to go along with the traditional three. These abilities can vary from being a musician to knowing how to walk on stilts or even knowing how to do acrobatics. These skills have been utilized in a few shows on and off Broadway in recent years.

Some musicals require their performers to have that additional skill for the roles they have. Million Dollar Quartet is one musical where all performers on the stage play an instrument during the show. Million Dollar Quartet is the story about four of the biggest names in music, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash. All four of these performers play an instrument such as the guitar, piano, and upright bass.

Knowing how to play one, or multiple instruments will benefit you in a multitude of ways when looking for performance gigs.

- Intonation skills/Training your ear
- Pick out your harmonies/melodies
- Reading music/sight reading
- Assisting you musical director

These skills will make you easier to work with and ultimately more employable than someone who cannot play an instrument.

Another skill you should consider adding to your arsenal is writing. Whether it be professional or creative, writing can serve as a useful marketing asset when auditioning for roles. Having the ability to write will allow you to connect more deeply to the script and overall dialogue of the production you are involved in. You can analyze words to understand better what the writer was trying to portray. This ability can take you further into the depth of understanding your character as well as understanding the other characters around you and what kind of connection each other holds.

An additional skill to have in your back pocket when auditioning is never a bad thing. Hone in on the top three skills: acting, singing and dancing, and then look to find what other beneficial skills for theatre interest you and run with it!

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How To Build A Character

In acting, you have the objective of becoming someone else. It is your job to portray the life and mannerisms of somebody else that is not you. This can be a daunting task and is not for the weary. To be a successful actor you must consider all aspects of the characters life. Consider these tips when creating your character for a role.

Familiarize Yourself

Read the script, thoroughly. Once you have done that, read the script again. Everything that is said about your character is in that script. It is extremely important to know what your character is doing and what their objective is. The script will also be able to tell you when and where your character is in reference to time. If the production is set at a different time than the present day then you should study trends from that era. What kind of clothing did people where? What were the popular trends of that era? These are two questions that will set you in the right direction to understanding your character more.

Rehearse and Memorize

Memorize your lines in the script. This will allow you to expand on the behaviors of your character. Knowing the script will help you develop more in-depth decisions that your character would make. Rehearse your lines to anyone and everyone. The more familiar you are with performing in front of people the more you will be more comfortable delivering your lines to strangers. Rehearsing lines will help you develop a tonality for your character and allow you to work on an accent if it applies. Different scenes call for different behaviors and moods. Rehearsal is a great way to get feedback on what you are doing and set in stone a way you will execute the scene.

Body Language

Consider for a moment what your character looks like. Adjust your body to fit the description of the character. Think about how your character would look, how they would stand, sit, kneel, lay, laugh, smile, scowl, and all other emotions. Look at yourself in a mirror and practice these movements. Never be afraid to go too far when practicing your character. Overstep your personal boundaries when practicing a character. Consider portraying actions that you normally would not portray. The director will love the experimenting with the character and will warn you if they feel you have gone too far with it.

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Places To Check Out In Los Angeles If You’re A Theatre Enthusiast

Los Angeles is known for being the home of the entertainment industry. Many movies and shows have been and are continually being filmed in the area. It is the perfect place for theatre enthusiasts to see the history of films as well as catch a movie in the works. These iconic attractions are definitely places that you don’t want to miss when you are in LA:

Egyptian Theatre - 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028

Hollywood’s first premiere, “Robin Hood” took place at the Egyptian Theatre in 1922. It set the stage for every movie premiere held after. The theatre has recently been restored and renovated and is now home to American Cinematheque. Catch one of the indie films, classic film festivals, documentaries, and premiere screenings. They also provide monthly tours of the building.

Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608

Known as the Entertainment Capital of LA there is a ton of stuff to do at Universal Studios that any movie buff will enjoy. Take the studio tour at Universal Studios Hollywood to go behind the scenes to see how some of your favorite movies are made. Then head over to the theme park for rides that will put you inside some of the biggest movies. The Wizarding World of Harry PotterTM as well as AMC’s “The Walking Dead” attraction can be found here. You can also go to Universal’s City Walk which is 3 blocks of music, movies, clubs, food, and shopping.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery - 6000 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Many of the famous have been laid to rest here. Hollywood Forever is a nationally registered historic site where you can pay your respects to the founders of Hollywood’s greatest studios, writers, directors, and performers. During the summer and fall, you can pack a picnic for outdoor film screenings amongst the tombstones. You can also check out thousands of life stories about the people laid to rest here.

Margaret Herrick Library - 333 S La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

The library is maintained by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Unfortunately, you can’t check anything out but you can take a look at everything like scripts of classic movies such as the Titanic and Toy Story. The library contains more than 10 million photographs, 190,000 film and video assets, 80,000 screenplays, and 50,000 posters. Leave your cameras and cell phones at home or lockers will be provided for these things, and don’t forget an I.D. or Passport to enter.

Warner Brothers Studios Tour - 3400 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91522

The tour will take you behind-the-scenes of some of your favorite shows and movies, past and present. Sets like Casablanca, Batman, Friends, and more have been filmed here. The studio is a 100-acre backlot that also houses iconic memorabilia of movies like Harry Potter and the DC comic movies. The prop department contains 450,000 registered artifacts making it the largest in the world. You’ll also get to see actual filming of shows and movies happening all around you.

Chinese Theatre/Hollywood Walk of Fame - Hollywood & Highland, 6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

The Hollywood walk of fame is the iconic pathway of Hollywood stars, directors, and producers. Find your favorite actor or character along the pathway. Also, a key element to check out is TCL Chinese Theatre or more historically known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Right outside the theatre is the Forecourt of the Stars, which features cement hand and footprints of major movie stars in the past and present. Take a tour of the theatre or watch a movie in the world’s largest IMAX auditorium.

Restaurants Where Movies Were Filmed

There are many restaurants in the area from Santa Monica to Hollywood that have been featured in classic movies. From Ferris Bueller's Day Off to National Treasure you can eat at many of the restaurants that are featured in the films. Go to the Urth Caffe in West Hollywood and dine where the Entourage cast often had breakfast and lunch on set. Just as it is often portrayed on set the cafe is a favorite of celebrities in real life, you can often find Entourage creator and executive producer dining there. Want to relive Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger’s first date from “Jerry Maguire”? Check out Paco’s Taco Cantina, 5 miles north of LAX. Enjoy handmade chips and salsa and in front of the restaurant’s hand-painted fish tank that was featured in the movie.

Of course, there are a lot more things that you can do in Los Angeles like visit classic movie locations and all of the other studios that are located there. The best way to stay in LA would definitely be an Airbnb. There a host can guide you on how to get to some of these iconic places as well as show you the hidden gems that most people don’t think of.

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Great Places To Hike In Los Angeles

If you are looking to escape the city and get some exercise there are many trails in and around the area that are great. From stunning views to complete solitude as well as easy trails to intense hikes, there’s something for everyone.

Runyon Canyon Loop

This 3-mile hike gives you incredible views of the Hollywood sign, L.A. Basin, and the Sunset Strip, and is great for beginner hikers. However, don’t expect to have a peaceful hike, as this trail is often full of people. It does offer amazing views and good exercise and an occasional celebrity sighting.

Charlie Turner Trail To Mount Hollywood

This is another great hike for beginners or people looking to take a less intense hike. When you reach the peak of the hike, you will be at a clearing with picnic tables that allows you great views of the LA area. You’ll be able to see Downtown LA skyline, the observatory, and a close-up of the Hollywood sign. You can park at the Griffith Observatory and the trail is open from 5 am - 1030pm.

Sunken City

This hike in San Pedro is definitely one that is noteworthy and should be checked out if you like abandoned towns and cool views. You will find a town that is basically a lost city due to a landslide a while back. Climbing around the ruins and checking out the awesome graffiti is a must.

Escondido Falls

This takes you to the highest waterfall in the Santa Monica Mountains and is usually a pretty crowded trail on the weekends. This is a slightly challenging 3.8-mile hike as you have to descend to a lower tier of the falls and then hike up to a higher tier, which is slippery and steep but offers you a better view of the falls.

Franklin Canyon Park

This park has over 5 miles of hiking trails and is the perfect nature getaway for people looking to get out of the city for the day. There’s an easy trail around the reservoir as well as more challenging trails to check out too that offer great views. Franklin Canyon Park has been home to many TV and Film sets. It is the lake used in the Andy Griffith Show, where they used to fish in the opening credits, as well as used in the horror classic, Creature From The Black Lagoon.

There are many places to hike in and around Los Angeles that allow for great views, city escapes and relaxing nature hikes. These are definitely a few trails to check out.

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Historical Entertainment Sites in LA

Looking to have a fun-filled day in Los Angeles? Here are four sites that you should stop by during your time in the City of Angels.

1. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles is a must-see attraction in the southern California area. The museum’s grand opening was on November 6th, 1913. The museum was then referred to as the Los Angeles County Museum of History, Science, and Art. The museum is home to a multitude of various exhibits. You can visit the permanent exhibits at any time of year!
The museum is open 9:30 am - 5 pm every day of the year, with four exceptions. They are closed on New Year's Day (January 1), Independence Day (July 4), Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday of November), and Christmas Day (December 25). Some of the permanent exhibits include African Mammals, the Dinosaur Hall, and an Insect Zoo, so there is something for everyone at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

2. Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is an ideal location for anyone who is seeking to be inspired or learn more about space. The five different sections of the inside of the observatory serve as a wealth of knowledge for the curious space cadet. Information ranging from the eclipses of the moon and sun, explanation of tides, what our sun is and how we can observe it.One Exhibit even provides real footage taken by NASA of the behavior of our sun! The observatory provides beautiful and vivid pictures of star clusters and historical background of groundbreaking scientists who helped carve the path for further study into space. The Observatory is open from 12:00noon - 10:00p.m, Tuesday - Friday. Then 10:00a.m. - 10:00p.m, Saturday - Sunday.

3. The Original Farmers Market

There are many different farmers markets in the downtown LA area but nothing beats the original. The Original Farmers Market has had a long history of change but in 1934 it was transformed into a village and farmers market where farmers could sell fresh produce right from their trucks to hungry customers. Now, after 80 years from it becoming a farmers market it is one of the hottest spots in LA. The Original Farmers Market encompasses a variety of different shops and vendors. The market has many restaurants, grocery markets, specialty shops, and even service shops where you can get a quality haircut after lunch! The market is open Monday - Friday: 9 am to 9 pm, Saturday: 9 am to 8 pm, and Sunday: 10 am - 7 pm. Whether it's your first time to a farmers market or you have a favorite one in your hometown, the Original Farmers Market will surely be your new favorite spot in LA.

4. Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

The Museum of Contemporary Art holds splendid pieces of artwork for anyone who wants to get lost in the art scene of downtown LA. With three different local locations, tourists can spend an entire day gazing at artwork and educating themselves about the artists that created them. Hours for the MOCA Grand Avenue and the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA are Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 11am - 6pm. Thursday from 11am - 8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am - 5pm with Tuesday being closed. MOCA Pacific Design Center is open Tuesday through Friday 11am - 5pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am - 6pm with it being closed on Monday's.

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LA or NY? Benefits of Living Near the Big Cities

Los Angeles and New York city are enormous cities to go to if you are looking to be involved in the acting world. You will find the most opportunities for acting in either of these cities. But, There has always been a debate about which city is more beneficial in opening doors for actors. This article explains a bit about why living near either of these cities will help you become more noticed as an actor or actress.

Los Angeles

LA is home to many prominent movie production companies. 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and Disney all have roots over on the west coast. The four monster movie production companies easily give anyone interested in big screen acting the opportunity to be near casting calls for any upcoming films. Los Angeles is also known for its beautiful weather year round. Hitting highs up into the 70’s even in the winter months is the norm in Los Angeles. Although warm weather and big film companies close by are a plus, you will need to have some means of transportation to get you to one audition to the next. Los Angeles is not nearly as compact as New York City. Los Angeles is suggested to have significantly lower rent for one-bedroom apartments than New York. Unfortunately, the savings you will have from going to LA instead of NY will go towards the car that you will inevitably have to purchase to make it in time to your auditions.

New York

New York City is home to many acting opportunities and holds an understanding of being a leader in entertainment on the east coast. New York is home to Broadway which is ideal for anyone looking to pursue an acting career in live theatre. New York is also known for their harsh winters and drastic changes in seasons. Compared to Los Angeles, you can tell the difference in seasons by just looking at a shot of New York City. Snow is a common occurrence in these winter months. If you hate the cold, then New York may not be the best place to live to find acting jobs. A benefit of living in New York city is that everything is within walking distance of each other. You would be able to walk from one audition to the next with ease in the compact streets of New York. Owning a car is optional. Besides the cold weather and auditions close by, New York has great food everywhere. Even if you are just visiting, it is highly recommended that you grab a slice of New York style pizza before you leave.

Ultimately, the decision whether or not to live in the City of Angels or The Big Apple is up to you. Depending on what your goals are as an actor should help define what kind of city you want to live near. Both are incredible cities with a wealth of opportunities for actors and actresses.

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