Plug Cracks – Basement sealing

Over time, the concrete foundation that serves as your basement’s walls may develop cracks as the concrete settles and weathers the elements. If you notice water dripping into your basement through cracks in your basement walls, a simple solution is to seal the crack using over the counter basement waterproofing products. There are a variety of basement waterproofing products available in home improvement stores that can be used to quickly plug a crack in your basement wall permanently, including bentonite clay and Drylok fast plug cement.

Note that sealing cracks won’t be enough to fix your wet basement problems if the water is coming up through the floor or at the seam where your basement walls and basement floor joins together, as this type of leaking is caused by hydrostatic pressure rather than surface water runoff. If your wet basement is being caused by hydrostatic pressure, you will need to install drainage systems to redirect the groundwater that is forcing its way into your basement.
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