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For finding, sharing and exchanging Data, Models and Processes in Systems Biology.
For finding, sharing and exchanging Data, Models and Processes in Systems Biology.
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A new version of SEEK - v0.22.0 is now available.

Some of the new features included are:

       - Support for DOI's.
       - JWS Online upgrade.
       - Faceted Browsing
       - Ontology term user creation and suggestion for assay and technology types.
       - Administration improvements.
       - Improved ISA Graph.
       - Reduced memory and processing overheads when indexing spreadsheets.
       - Improved mime type handling.
       - Support for PostGreSQL.
       - A simple status page for monitoring. 

for more information about this release please visit:

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SEEK for Science: A Data Management Platform which Supports Open and Reproducible Science

presented by Carole Goble at BOSC 2014.

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Carole Goble will be giving a SEEK presentation at #BOSC2014 . It will be about SEEK as a customisable open platform, being used for open and reproducible science. We also have a poster there.

The talk is at 14:00 on July 12th as part of the Open Science and Reproducible Research session.

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This article offers a short guide to the steps scientists can take to ensure that their data and associated analyses continue to be of value and to be recognized. In just the past few years, hundreds of scholarly papers and reports have been written on questions of data sharing, data provenance, research reproducibility, licensing, attribution, privacy, and more--but our goal here is not to review that literature. Instead, we present a short guide intended for researchers who want to know why it is important to "care for and feed" data, with some practical advice on how to do that. The set of Appendices at the close of this work offer links to the types of services referred to throughout the text.

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Well done Carole.
CBE for Carole Goble

Congratulations to Professor Carole Goble, head of the myGrid team, who has been awarded a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) for services to science in the 2014 New Year's Honours List.

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Carole Goble presented a well received talk about SEEK and +RightField  at the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) in Sydney. The talk was about the use of RDF and Semantics in SEEK for Systems Biology, and had the title "Semantic Data and Models Sharing in systems Biology: The Just Enough Results Model and the SEEK Platform".

We will soon be making the slides available on our website.


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A new Virtual Machine Image for SEEK is now available from our website.

This is based on our latest 0.16.2 version, and is built upon Ubuntu 12.04(LTS) server. 

To get the image, and find out more details about how to use it please visit:

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