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Michael Bayne
I just fell off the turnip truck.
I just fell off the turnip truck.


Seen on Quora: "Why did Twitter have so many problems if it is made with Ruby?"

Could a question more readily scream naiveté?
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Dear Apple,

The mouse button is not part of the keyboard.

"Numbers Keyboard Shortcuts
You can use your keyboard to quickly accomplish many tasks in Numbers. ... To do an action, press the keys indicated below.
Edit content in cell: Select cell and click once, twice, or three times"
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Mission: play Google Music on my home stereo.

Failed attempt #1: Go to on iPad, start playing music, activate AirPlay, close iPad, be sad when music stops playing after one song.

Failed attempt #2: Search Android Market in vain for app that enables any app to send audio via AirPlay. There are numerous Android music player apps that support AirPlay, but they only play MP3s on your device, they (naturally) don't support playing music from your cloud-based Google Music collection. The Google Music app doesn't support sending audio to AirPlay speakers.

Failed attempt #3: Install Soundflower, switch Mac to output to Soundflower audio device. Install RaopX which purports to route Soundflower audio stream to AirPlay device. Do some Googling to try to figure out what RaopX "error 500" means. Find nothing. Lack the enthusiasm to download the source to RaopX and try to debug it.

Success: Install AirFoil, route audio from Chrome to AirPlay device, go to in Chrome, start playing music, be happy.

I still think Android should just support AirPlay.
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Damnit Google+, where's the migration tool for my apps account?

I've been waiting patiently for two months now; cheerfully switching over to my account whenever I ended up in my lonely, tumble-weed ridden, apps account; grinning and bearing it, every time I got a notification that one of my friends (whom I already have added to my account) found my apps account and added me to their circles; resisting the urge to waste a ton of time manually recreating my circles and painstakingly recurating all of my friends and acquaintances; not freaking out and throwing my computer through a window every time some other Google service annoyingly decides to use my account instead of my apps account because I happen to be using the former account on Google+, though I use the latter account for EVERYTHING ELSE.

There's apparently no Christmas this year for apps users. It's a lump of coal in the stocking and repeated pokes in the eyes as we are forced to continue to use the painfully unusable multiple logins system to access Google+.
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I plug my headphones into my Mac, and adjust the volume. Then I unplug them, and the volume returns to what it was before I had the headphones in. Then I plug the headphones in and it returns to the volume I set when the headphones were in. It brings me joy.
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I don't use Android much, but I brought my test phone into the office today and tried to use it, and everything is failing because it doesn't know the WiFi network.

But it doesn't pop up a dialog asking me if I want to join a new network, nor do the error messages in Browser, Market, GMail or various other apps that I've tried, provide me with a link to the network settings when they report that they cannot operate without a network connection. They just say some variant of "Cannot connect, try later. [OK]". Market is especially informative in reporting "An error has occurred. Please try again later. [OK]"

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Am I the only one that sees a non-javac-based toolchain for Xtend to be a non-starter? Am I supposed to get ecj running on my CI build server?
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I just dragged a folder of bookmarks from the Chrome bookmark manager to the Safari bookmark manager and it worked. I have shock.
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FML. Today I got to write (in Java):

import java.util.Set;

final int x = ...;
Set<Integer> indices = Ranges.closed(0, size).asSet(DiscreteDomains.integers());
Iterable<Coord> coords = Iterables.transform(indices, new Function<Integer,Coord>() {
public Coord apply (Integer y) {
return new Coord(x, y);

when I wanted to write (in Scala):

val x = ...;
val coords = 0 to size map(Coord(x, _))

I could have sworn this was the future. Where are my jetpacks?

Also, why can't I format code in Google+. Is this not meant to be a venue for my personal expression? Don't eat my &#$# spaces!
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When your import is wider than 100 characters, ur doin' it wrong:

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