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José Manuel Chaparro
Educación Física. Rock, deporte y tecnología.
Educación Física. Rock, deporte y tecnología.

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Introducing Gmailify: If you use Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail/, you now have the option to Gmailify your inbox on Android and get all goodness of Gmail—spam protection, inbox organization and even Google Now cards based on your mail—without having to leave your current address behind.

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Focus 1.2 is out NOW & 100 re-shares for free 50 promo codes

After a successful beta testing we're proud to announce the new version of Focus.

Check out the change-log below and the video we made for you!

+ Improved picture edit functionality
+ Added native video player
+ Added native "Set as wallpaper"
+ Added a feature to change the app's main icon!
+ Re-built the picture viewer experience, fixing a lot of bugs on the way
+ Added picture-picking mode for Android’s document picker (eg attaching a picture from Focus in Messenger)
+ Lowered starting page loading time
+ Re-structured Premium options & lowered the price to 1.99€
+ Improved scrolling performance
+ Added app lock security (use your fingerprint or passcode to open Focus)

+APK Mirror
Play store:

Also if this post gets 100 re-shares I'll be posting 50 promo codes in the comments below.


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Here is the nice little surprise i mentioned in my previous post!

I'm giving away 40 promo code!
10 for each theme (Flux, Flux White - Liv, Liv Dark)

More details about those themes here:
Flux White:
Liv Dark:

What you can do to win a free promo code?
Just share this post with your circles/communities aaand that's it!

The giveaway ends in 4 days on 01/29/2016. After that, i'm gonna lock this post and on 01/30/2016 i'm gonna announce the winners!

The random number generator website is gonna be used for picking the winners!

*Share share share!*
Animated Photo

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Una vergüenza The Verge
"Everyone knows Apple plans to bring Force Touch to the upcoming iPhone 6S (competitor Huawei has already copied the feature" - +The Verge 

I guess #iVerge  thinks adding new technology to smartphones is a matter of flipping a switch. It doesn't take months or maybe even years of R&D and testing.

Even if Huawei got the idea from Apple, the company still had to do their own research, their own testing, their own engineering. And if they managed to do all that before Apple, doesn't that deserve some acknowledgement? Instead of being credited for managing to introduce a new piece of tech into smartphones, The Verge calls out Huawei for "copying" a feature from an unreleased smartphone.

h/t - +Al Khafaji Mohammed (

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You have to read this article just to see how willing to completely torture logic some people are if it supports a narrative.

This piece basically says the iPod should be the blueprint for Apple's efforts in the developing world because it doesn't have a cellular data connection.

...what? In what "developing country" is Wi-Fi-only preferable to cellular? Ever? What population are we talking about that can afford a $200 mobile data-less iPhone but also doesn't have access to cellular networks often enough to strongly prefer data connectivity on their mobile device?

But basically ITT: a professional tech journalist argues that a device without cellular data, GPS, non-expandable memory, a tiny 4" display, small battery, and a high MSRP [for the developing world] ($200) should be the basis for Apple's emerging market strategy.

$100 can buy you an Android phone with cellular data (even LTE!), a bigger screen, expandable memory, GPS (KINDA USEFUL I GUESS), and WOW WI-FI.

On what planet does this person live? Have I entered bizarro-world?

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Usa mi código promo de Uber, znhp7, y obtén Ch$ 5.000 de descuento en tu primer viaje con Uber. Canjéalo en

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Why you want Google Photos!

(Read my full review: )_

We all love to take pictures. Smartphones make it easy.

Because it's so easy to take pictures, we take a lot of them. (I personally have more than 80,000 photos and videos which take up more than 215 gigabytes of space.)

That's when the fun ends and the hassle begins. The truth is that managing, sharing and editing photos is harder than it should be. Most of us lost control of our photo collections long ago.

Labeling, tagging and organizing photos is difficult and time-consuming. But if you don't do all of those things, can be hard to find a specific photo.

Pictures are inconvenient to share, too -- especially when people are scattered across different social networks. (And there's always that odd relative who isn't on any of the social networks.)

Editing pictures can be difficult and time-consuming. It's also tediously labor-intensive to do creative things with pictures.

And at some point, all those photos can max out the storage on our phones. Yet we hesitate to delete them because we're afraid of accidentally getting rid of pictures we want to keep.

The only product or service that solves each and every one of those problems is Google Photos, which Google announced Thursday at its Google I/O developers conference.

Here's why I think you'll switch to Google Photos:


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Aguante Dave!
ENTREVISTA RS | #DaveGrohl, 'embajador', entrevistador, entrevistado, tío más majo del rock y una estrella insospechada.
Su tocayo David Fricke habla con él largo y tendido sobre +foofightersVEVO​, +Nirvana, los documentales de #SonicHighways y su vida familiar.
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