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"YOU BLOCKHEAD!!" -- Lucy Van Pelt
"YOU BLOCKHEAD!!" -- Lucy Van Pelt

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SPOILERS for those who like them!

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Samsung phones have horrible security hole (and not a lot you can do about it)
 +Computerworld  #ITBW   #Android   #samsunggalaxys6   
IMHO, people such as +David Ruddock sound complacent when they say, "There's probably nothing much here to worry about." MITM attacks on unencrypted connections aren't just restricted to your local cafe's Wi-Fi network. 

An attacker can set themself up as a MITM on a wired or WPA network using techniques such as ARP poisoning and DNS spoofing. And don't get me started on the risk of nation states faking routes. 

Bottom line: This is a nasty, nasty vulnerability that will remain unpatched in many of the 600 million devices. Those unpatched phones will be hanging around on the Internet for years. You bet that's something to worry about.

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