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Marketing on Google Plus is Going to be Essential in 2012!

Get ready google plus folks. Our competition is coming soon!
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Google+: The New Social Platform ( Web 3.0?... )

It’s been months now since I made the switch from Facebook to Google Plus and I haven’t really had the chance to reflect on my move until now. I got a call one day in July of 2011 from a good friend. I remember now because it was my wife’s and my anniversary (not sure if I used the right grammar there, lol). We we’re busy packing about ready to head up to the mountains for a 5 day mini-vacation.

It was July 21st. My friend and I talked about a couple different projects we were working on, catching up and all of a sudden he awkwardly switched the subject to talking about Google+. It was like he’d been patiently waiting like a little kid to share something and finally got he’s chance. You could tell he was excited! He started telling me about it, detailing it’s features, talking about what awesome opportunities it had for marketing and business owners.

At first I kind of halfway paid attention to what he was saying. Until he started talking about this “Circles” thing, and then this “Hangout” thing, and this “Huddle” thing (at that time Messenger was called Huddle). It reminded me of a website and business I tried to launch a couple years ago called (not active). three years ago, Bizential was going to be a B2B, B2C social platform with built-in simple CRM (customer relations management software, used to segment lists and group of people and contacts) and other business productivity applications such as video conferencing, white-boarding, chat, video, blogs, eCommerce and a host of other applications plugged into it that would make an incredible platform for business and life sharing online. Long story short, Bizential was TOO Big of an idea! $35,000 in the hole, we got stalled in development of the website and it never launched. My team of 5 developers basically quit on me and we had to give up. Sad but true.

Fast forward to a few months ago while on the phone with my friend my mouth dropped when I realized what Google was doing. They were building Bizential!!! I got excited because I was hoping someone would build something like it. It seemed such a natural progression of social networks to one day become social platforms adn hold integrated applications to create a powerful business and life sharing environment online. “It’s finally arrived”, I thought to myself.

I immediately said to my friend; “I’ve been waiting for something like this. This sounds awesome!” Being a marketer, I than asked my friend; “do you know of any good ‘How to’ books or other resources online about Google+ and how to use it effectively for business and marketing?” My friend said; “Dude, it’s only been out 3 weeks… It’s still in private beta…. No one’s had time to put together book on it!” The conversation stopped for a moment and then my friend said something that I wasn’t expecting…. “You should write a book on it Brock!” ”Huh,” I replied. “Yeah, you’re a marketer, you know your stuff, plus you’ve already got a good idea of where this Google+ thing is headed. You should write a book on it. You’d could be the first one!” “Huh,” I replied, dumbfounded.

Finally after a long pause on my end of the conversation my friend said; “look I know you’re going away for a couple days but think about it. This could be a great opportunity for you. But… You’ve got to move fast, I imagine someone’s going to beat you to it if you don’t publish in least than 3 weeks.”

So I did, I thought about it. I asked myself; “why can’t I be the expert? Why can’t I write the book?” Fortunately, I didn’t really have an answer to those questions. So when I got back to our home in Denver, I resolved to write the book in 2 weeks and publish in 3 weeks. The rest as they say is history. For the next three weeks I averaged about 2 to 3 hours of sleep each day, some nights no sleep. But I got it done. The “Google+ Attack Plan” was written. My wife helped me incredibly helping proofread and even adding a couple chapters of her own as well as putting together the “Cheat Sheets” and “52 Week Action Plan” along with helping to create 10 different Video Tutorials on how to Market within Google+.

So, Why did I do it? Simple. I KNEW!………….. There are few moments in life where opportunity, knowledge, preparation and drive allow you to do something incredible. Maybe it was because of Bizential, maybe it was because of something else; but, I just KNEW that Google+ was going to be something HUGE and I wanted to be apart of it.

Google+ IS going to change the online landscape AND more importantly completely change entrepreneurship in this country and around the world. What Google is giving us in Google+ completely revolutionizes how businesses form, work together, interact with their customers, sell, produce, collaborate, innovate online and offline. I truly believe that Google has given and will continue to bring about all the tools businesses and consumers need to be successful in the coming years. This may seem crazy now but I believe Google+ is actually going to play huge part in an Global Economic Revival in the coming years. Make no mistake, this “Google+ thing” is a disruptive innovation in the making. It’s revolutionary. It’s web 3.0! It’s a Social OS, a Social Platform and it’s going to change how we do thing online and off!

When I talk about my opportunity, and what I did with that opportunity, I speaking to all the business owners and ambitious individuals out there. There’s millions and millions of opportunities within Google+ for every niche and industry. Now’s the time to invest in learning about Google+ while it’s relatively small. It’s going to get a heck of a lot bigger soon! I believe in 12 months we’re going to see anywhere from 300MM to 500MM users (your competition) come aboard Google+.

Get ready! Play Big! Now’s Your Time!
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Juno Tildy

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Now this looks like a delicious tomato!!!
Ken Elliott originally shared:
Garden The Easy Way blog.--> Thank You All For Adding Us To your Friends List. Ken & Marilou Elliott
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I like the way you are
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Juno Tildy

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I Totally Believe Google Plus Will Be HUGE!

I just saw last week that Google announced that Google+ hit over 90MM users now... That's amazing!
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Why Google+ Will Be Huge!!!

Google+ is an amazingly awesome, super powerful, fun, engaging, and did I mention awesome Social Platform… Notice I said “Social Platform”?

Sure everyone is calling Google+ a “social network” these days, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Google is something novel, brand new, a disruptive innovation and very few people understand this.

Google+ is a Social Platform, a Social OS (Operating System) if you will. Not just a place to connect but a place where you can create, share, collaborate, meet face-to-face, exchange, sell, do business… one place for everything you do online…

Everything tied into one system, one account, one login.

This is extremely important because it changes the speed, efficiency and depth of how businesses and individuals can interact online.

People won’t just go to your profile and check your status updates. They’ll see what blogs you’ve written, they’ll see what products you sell, they’ll click a button to call you or video chat with you face-to-face, they’ll listen to your music, purchase your artwork, they’ll buy your products or even go to your business page to buy your services straight from within Google+. Everything changes.

Everything, every new connection or exchange is a chance for you to gain a friend, a partner in business, gain a client or gain a customer. You can market to specific Circles or broadcast to the entire world!

That’s powerful! That’s Amazing! That’s Google+

And that’s just few reasons why Google+ will be HUGE!!!
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It is indeed amazing
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