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did the snake eat the dog how sad i love dogs
+perry bruner That is just rude.. you see that this dog is dead and all you have to say is nasty?
Aww I love that it's so sweet except for the part about the dog dieing!! 
I would share, but it is already too much to bear seeing it once. Imagine seeing it twice!
aaaawwwwwww. but he died protecting his owner
Mr JoeJon
please delete this.This is morbid and disrespectful to the owners!
that stupid snake
Jan Lu
Such a lovable Pup!
I like pitbulls... I have one.
that poor thing i hate that snake!
i would let him or she save their selves cause im not dying for them im sorry that is if i was that dog
:( that is so sad  i feel bad the dog and family:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
R.I.P dog he's so brave SHARE
thats the true deffinition of a best friend.
i have no comment except that is so so so sad
and so so so sweet :'(
so sad. the owner could of killed the snake
You notice in the picture that the dog saved its owner... It risked its life... That dog is a pitbull n everyone always says that pitbulls are bad dogs... Hello wake up pits arnt bad dogs they juss have a bad name bc of bad owners 
he was soo cute poor baby, only shows how loyal dogs are.
Awww omg thats why i hate snakes and love dogs
Poor thing...RIP you brave little soldier 
Awwwww he's so brave!!!!!! So sad though...... ;(
:( The owner has done well if the dog turned out the loyal
How could that dog protect his owner?????? Where is the dog collar????? That picture looks like it was set up. How cruel are you??????
Hate it but!love what an how nuture looks afters us , the world is blessed
My heart goes oit to yoy and your loved one.
+Mimi Williams snakes can kill animals only poisonous ones and ones that are huge like a Bow constrictor!! A bow constrictor can eat a deer WHOLE!! 
awwww, definitetly man''s best friend
we honor u!!!!!
Wow . . . a heroic deeds for his service. I salute you.
C Banks
And who would sell prayers for shares ??? WTF????
Okay yy
aww tht's sooo sweet of the dog. and i don't like snakes
it's just a dog would you rather have the owner die
a dog giving its own life for it's owner is sad but the most loving and loyal thing you can find. God bless
Ji Hyun
I just started crying.........
Okay yy
+saray lopez even dogs are living things they are as important as humans
Um, +Lauren Perry It's called a boa constrictor.. and a full grown pet boa will sometimes begin to "snuggle" with you. When he starts doing this, it's time to find him a new home! Any herpetologists worth his salt will tell you he's not feeling friendly- he's feeling hungry and is literally measuring you up to make sure he can swallow you without choking.
This is why we shouldn't hurt animals in any way because they help us.
why cant humans be more like dogs?!!?!?!?!
I'm so sorry 4 losing ur friend. He was very brave. Take care
I feel bad for that dog, he was so cute
Stupid owner.....the only reason that a snake would attack is if you make it feel threatened. And since the dog died protecting his owner, the fault of the matter is that owner's. 

And why can't people just use proper English?!!! It's not that difficult, is it?
I once heard a saying that went sorta like this
" A Great rift began to form in the earth separating Man from animal.. and just before the rift became too great to cross, Dog and Dog Alone jumped the great rift and stood by man" unknown"
bad snake good dog foolish owner
i had this newfoundland, and sometimes i would pretend to drown in the pool, he would jump in and scoop me up by going under me so i would be on his back. He died due to some condition with his heart. :(
omg i don't know what i would do if that happened to my dog!
Kathy, the true measure of a person is how he/she treats his/her subordinates.  So, thanks for pointing out the grammatical error.
Yea, it is sad but he did his job quite well..deserves a decent burial..8(
+Saloni Saxena They're not as important as humans. Tell me, if you had the choice to save a human or a dog, who would you save? I don't think you would just let a human being die like that.
That dog is awesome for saving it's owner
what a wonderful dog,  and I m sure his owner must miss him so much,  truly dogs are mankind best friends
there are no bads dogs just horrible owners.
Bless his faithful Ol Heart...
that is so sad that dog is so cute
Aww that is so sad but that's dog risk his life for his owner that's sweet
Short life=snakes involved=NO ONE LIKES SNAKES
I would pray for the forgiveness of the snake
i know how it feels to lose your favorite pet. i had a dog, named Froggy, she was blind and deaf, and she chased carss anyway. one day though, i was playing a game, and the kids run inside telling me that she, froggy, was dead. i didn't belive it then when i went outside, she was in the middle of the road in half, eyes popping out. she was killed by a dump truck and she AND the driver didn't see each other and.....
Rather than share why not just pray? Oh yea you wanna guilt people into doing your dirty work.
Anna K
Awwwwwwwww! :(
i feel so sorry for the owner of the dog andthe dog because they lost a n important part in there life.
Sandi D
aww that's depressing
dang i love my dog i would die for my dog if i saw a rattle snake.
Maybe the dog's time came .. Surely the snake will die after.. Lol :)
Yes, its depressing . . .
Maybe the dog's time came .. Surely the snake will die after because the dog has rabies.... Lol :)
So said human's buddy I Love doggies
Aww I feel so sad for that dog. Poor thing. What a brave dog though
There's nothing that comes close to the level of loyalty a dog has to their owner even when there's danger. Such a sad story:) Sending peaceful thoughts to the owners. 
Why do you post things like that? That is TERRIBLE!
Because murder is never the answer. If it was, everyone would be dead.
OH ! my he is the adult version of my 6 month old puppy looks just like this one wow that's sad !
Poor dog y I love dogs who post this needs to be a shamed of his or her self
So many gullible people on this thread.

Two pictures side by side with text, two visibly different breeds of dog that just happen to look alike, and no supporting evidence of fact.

And you all believe it's true because it's on the internet.
Aww that makes me want to cry 
oh that is so awful...... i cant even look at it.
im  bored but this is so sad since there a whole bunch of people posting who ever sees this add me or like it or even add me on pinterest my user name s coolgamer133 and thats the same for instagram coolgamer133
Ok we know the dog died but wtf happened to the owner??
i hope that snake dies and rots in h++l
OMG! I feel like running to the pet store, and getting me a puppy! :,,,,(
Forgive the snake for it acted due to instinct.
that stupid snake killed a dog who the heck would want to forgive it
im crying now :(    :(    :(    :(
I know the snake did bad but i was instinct and we have to forgive
Sandi D
and someone said dogs do things to be dominate?
i know it was instinct but still nobody will forgive that snake ever
Abi M
Um, who's snake? Hope it wasn't the owner's! 
i feel sad for the owner because the dog died for his protection
Anna Su
that is so sad and heroic 
The owner has to live with the fact that an animal risked his life and died to save him
OMG, im in slytherin but a dog dying because of this serpent~OMG
That owner should be laying beside him Dead also.....
ooooooooow sooooo sad makes me cry i love dogs
poor baby i feel sos sad why do people have to put this online
The snake acted out of instinct. It probably freaked out and bit upon sight.
I wonder if My dog would do that for me? I hope so =)
Rob Wooddord, that is why it is so sad to me. I love both dog and snake. I want forgiveness for the snake.
Aww that is sooooo brave and loyal......
i think that the dog bit the snakes tail and it tried to get something out of its throat i just dont want to believe that someone put that picture on here......i think that th dogs bottom jaw is gone please send me a massage saying im wrong if you think im wrong or you just tell me were it is remember in only 9 about to be 10 on febuary 25, now good bye.
i am so proud of this dog for that true love.
Please don't turn Google+ into Facebook with these posts...
Proud of him. Sorry he had to die.
ya and the snake deserves to die and burn
what a shame !  God Bless the dog.

The damn dog on the left is male. The one on the right is female.

Look. One one left has balls. One in right has nipples.

Oh, and that snake isn't poisonous.
I can't believe I breathe the same air and evolved with you people...
Mans true best friend here on earth and if you spell dog backwards it spell God...
+Azure Mallone not to sound creepy, but i read a book about dogs, and some male dogs have kind of nipples.
What is sharing this gonna do, bring the dog back to life? I mean, seriously, let's be realistic here!
I'm sharing this, not because of the image... But so smarter people can point and laugh at you all.
Human should do better
Will if you have to die it was fora-good cause-that shows loyality-im not sure if the roles were reversed the owner would have done the same for him-there is a good chance the dog did not know what it was getting into-and just did what dogs do-piety its education hadent included reading up on deadly snakes - ive nodoubt if it had he would have steped aside and said you first
6 13
i hope if i get a dog it will be this protctive RIP little pupz
wonderful dog "a man's best friend"
I'm going before the stupidity kills me.
That sucks.. Must've been a really good dog to have around..
These kind of posts is one of the reasons why I left facebook. 1 share won't make the dog come back to life and a picture of a dead dog is just plain morbid. 
That poor dog, why would anyone post this it is upsetting and unnecessary.
so horible don't put things like that on hear
That is so sad I wish I had a dog like that
omg what happened poor wittle doggie....
I Dont care for this post at all, the dog was protecting his owner, the owner should have the respect for the dog in not posting 
ya? Clive would you rather have died instead?
Why would anybody want to post this kinda stuff it's horrible and sad I'm about 2 cry bcuz this is soo sad ;(
Clive Heeley dogs are not stupid.I had one and it was not stupid.So fix that post hony.Thank you are the idiot! All dogs have nipples, both male and female just like humans.....I would bet this was a planned match between snake and this poor dog, that is why no conscience by this owner to post this terrible pic! RIP.....poor dog......another sad victim of abuse!
In my opinion very rude and selfish on their part 
and i don't care what i said

omg.....dogs really are man's best friend
That dog died as a hero.
So sad :-(
Omg i'm crying that is so sad wish my german sheperd puppies don't get killed parying for that dog
Too bad .Did the snake bit the dog?? Oh, I hate snakes.
i don't think my dog is smart enough to be doin that..
A snake just killed my dog! Better stop and take a picture!
I think dog needs to have a proper burial..he did his owner a good deed...
Really?! We're doing this Facebook "Like" BS on G+ too?! STOP! 
Pour dog I'm feel like crying :(
I never want to see anything that comes from "What's Hot". This , however, has gone beyond being the usual, uninteresting drivel that I mute right away. I'm not trying take anything away from the sacrifice this dog made but I object to finding unwanted and upsetting content that I never asked for in my stream. I expect this on Facebook but not here. Come on Google...
omg so sad is this real :(
AAAWWWW POOR DOG!!! Why do snakes have to eat animals??? 
i feel so bad for that dog i hav dogs they are so adoribal they are chugs its a pug mixed with a chiwawa
Sad the dog died, but snakes have to live as well. Dog vs. Snake. Snake wins.
Such great animals! How can you not love them?!?! They're so loyal! I just love dogs! <3
That's so sad ... I know how it feels to lose your best friend 
right  why would you say that (they are cool) this is a sad moment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aww breaks my heart. Hero dog! 
they just put the snake there to show it was bitten by it.. pathetic.
that almost made me cry!! cuz i have 3 dogs and i don't want them 2 die!!
that made me sad and i donth have dogs  
Again a good reminder to us animals are better than us.
Sana AB
That's really bad incident
osäker labil ägare=farlig hund, oavsett ras, bra ägare bra hund, men hunden gör allt för sin ledare, rädd ledare tapper hund, så all heder åt denna fina hund, vila i frid. PS beklagar sorgen glöm inte hunden finnsi era hjärtan lika fin som innan.
totally im not going 2 let my dog  get hurt like that
Sana AB
yeah, it is kind of animal abuse
And they say pit bulls are dangerous.shows they are informed
Anna Su
i still cant believe it, that is so sweet
I am so sad that is sad I pray for that owner every night
hey kennedy wlliams did you do gymnastics ever?
Why would NYONE POST THIS I HAVE AN EXTREMEM LOVE FOR DOGS If i watch a movie like man of steel the only thing i got out of it was leaving the dog in the car but getting him even on COD I'm heart broken . I cry when i see little things and while I'm saying this also they should ban puppy mills and he should get an awesome funeral and the owner should get a dog of his choice AND THIS PROVES PITBULLS ARENT BAD!!!
That Shit Is Nasty as Fuck I Love Dogs In Cant stand Snakes is that the smae dog i hope not
Oh! I've seen that picture many times before!
Awe the dog is so sweet!!!
I'm sorry for that little dog! 😭😭😭
Hope it's having fun in doggy heaven
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