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David Spencer

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Ok, Google, I'm using you to back up my photos on my phone ... and now Picasa is also using it to back up my photos. And now I have duplicates of all my recent pics.  Should I turn it off on my phone.... a little dumb dedupe would solve this problem for me...
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You're probably right.
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David Spencer

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Can we take the circles interface back to Facebook? Because that is so much more intuitive than the current mechanism there. I manage like 8 different friends list to focus my updates over there, and it's such a pain in the neck to do anything with them.
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I find the model of circles to be very similar to gmail's labels. I like this approach and wish more things had this.
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David Spencer

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Trying out this google photos thing.  Enjoying some automagic animations.
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Not sure about syncing it, but you can share from viewing things over to other accounts (facebook, twitter) and obviously it ties into g+ well :)
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By day: Development manager in high tech. By night: Dad, gamer, geek in a small town
I'm a software development manager at EMC Corporation, based in Hopkinton MA.  For my day job, I manage a team that works on EMC's Storage Resource Management products.  In my spare time, I blog about corporate life within the context of being an EMC employee.

In my "real" spare time, I read, play video games, and geocache.  Oh, and play Dad ... my wife and I are raising our beautiful daughter in a small town near Sturbridge MA.
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We just returned from a weekend at Village Green, and were very impressed with what we experienced. First, to get it out of the way, yes, the site is still showing the scars from the 2011 Tornado that literally tore the place apart (a sign from the campground was found three miles away). If you can't stand a little "under construction" then it's probably best to try and come back next year, when renovations are hopefully more complete. But, if you can put that aside, and enjoy the campground for what it is, I think you'll be in for a pleasant stay. This is a family-run campground; the "staff" are the owners, and you can tell it's a labor of love for them. From organizing events to making improvements to handling special requests, they do it all with a smile. Most of the visitors here are seasonals, and they are all invested in seeing the place grow and succeed. Those that remained after the tornado are those who are setting the tone for the future, and they are warm, welcoming, and genuine. Everyone we met went out of their way to make us feel like a part of their extended family, instead of just guests who would be gone in a couple days. You aren't going to get a fancy stay here; the store hasn't re-opened yet, there isn't a pool, and the overall feel is more rustic. But we're glad we came, we definitely felt we got our money's worth, and we'll be back.
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I was in the market for a new Mazda (either a 3 or a CX-5) and had searched the inventory of several nearby dealerships. Balise was the one where I had the best ability to see prices that reflected what I'd probably get in the door, as opposed to simple sticker price. It was immediately apparent that there were good deals on the 3, but that the low inventory and high demand for the CX-5 was keeping prices closer to sticker. I asked a simple question by email and got a friendly response; my wife and I ended up going that evening and completing the transaction with Ashley, who managed to be both friendly and professional while juggling two late evening customers. She had no problem running multiple quotes for us at varying option levels and varying interest rates or incentives. I got a very fair price on my trade-in, and I couldn't say no. In the end we closed the deal and agreed to get the car the next day. The only downside to the experience was the closed-door financing meeting, where we were offered a number of extended warranties, prepaid service, special paint treatments, and the like. I know they have to try to sell these, but given the lateness of the evening I really would have appreciated a pass on that part of the transaction. That's not enough for me to change my opinion of the overall transaction though. I have no problem recommending Balise, and Ashley, for anyone looking for a Mazda in Western MA.
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Very impressed by Tully's -- we've been coming to this area of Maine for years but never knew about this little gem hiding by the grocery store. I went there looking for a little something unusual and felt immediately like a kid in a candy store. So many options, and I only wanted to buy two or three bottles. Fortunately, the helpful staff asked me some questions about my taste, made some recommendations, offered some opinions, and then got out of the way. Two huge bonuses (in addition to the gigantic selection) -- the staff is friendly and knowledgeable without being snobs, and everything they sell, they sell as singles. I'll definitely be back.
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