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We are the miracles. Humanity. Unique, as far as we know, in all of the known universe. Because of something beautiful and awful borne of chance and the collection of forces known as nature, we exist. God exists. The Devil exists. But God is not a mythical father figure living way up in an actual location known as heaven, watching you, rewarding or punishing you based on a set of rules from a fictional story written over a thousand years ago.  Just as the Devil is not a big red guy ruling over the depths of a pit called hell. They are two sides of the same coin, lodged in the hearts of each and every one of us. What makes us great, what makes us the miracles, what makes us all Gods and Devils, is our capacity to choose. To do good or evil.  The notion that these are actual beings who can influence us from outside of ourselves is the collective misunderstanding of what great and wise men like Jesus, Muhammad, and millions of others before and after them were trying to teach us all. God is the choice to help, to heal, to love. The Devil is the choice to hurt, to destroy, to hate. That some people missed the point of those teachings, took words meant to be figurative literally, and formed religions that have ever since fought and hated one another for disagreeing on the interpretations of those teachings, is a tragedy that has cost the world and our very unique species far too much pain and too many lives. Are we not enlightened enough to move past disagreements over stupid details of fictional tales told to us by the wise, much the same as we tell our children fables to explain the differences between right and wrong? Atheists, Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc., we are ALL on the same damn side! The side of the people who choose to be Gods, to do what is right and deny our own inner Devils control of our actions and this world. But, never mind all that, we are busy hating each other because the symbols we chose to represent that choice aren't from the exact same book, even though those books can all be boiled down to the same truth: anyone and everyone can choose God(good) or the devil (evil). And you shouldn't need some bullshit set of rules and traditions to help you make that choice. Humanity has come close, but as of this moment, we should all be ashamed that this world of strife and pain is the result of our beautiful but non-supernatural ability to choose. I have no idea why I am writing this down, or sharing it. I guess writing helps me think when i cant sleep, and telling the world what i think will confuse and piss off a lot of misguided fools, which i also enjoy. Hopefully, at least one person who reads this will stop and think about what is truly important in life.  I pulled it straight out of my ass. Turns out, God lives there as well as within the hearts of us all. The Devil does too, but a trip to the restroom in the middle of the night will remove his influence for the time being. That doesn't make the point I am trying to convey any less profoundly simple or true. Goodnight, world.
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