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I'm Taking A Break
I'm Taking A Break


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every cell in my body
Do you love cycling right out to the tips of your fingers? ;)

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SmartSocialBrand provides complete solution for a strong ‪#‎digitalpresence‬ of your website.

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just found a whole folder of photos that look like I took on my blackberry. Some good shots in there too! So it will be a fun Sunday.

why is it that most of the conversations I read on G+ are abut G+? And how it is better/worse than FB? It is not FB, it is not twitter. End of story.

Have to say this. Congratulations to Leo Laporte and his new TWiT studios. A true entrepreneur with vision. Love ya Leo

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Excellent post. I tell my clients this all the time, but few listen.
How Images Improve - or Destroy - Conversion Rates

I’ll level with you. When you use images on your site, two things can happen:

Images can either help you achieve your business goals, or hurt.

Learn how to make images help by reading this article:

I really want an app for G+ for iPad. Really really want... It would make conversations and interactions better, more spontaneous and just more convenient.

Hey Mac people. I've heard alot about Sparrow mail app. Is it really that good?

I really like surfing at Etsy. so many cool, unique things that people make. just gives me warm fuzzies, and god knows we all have far too few warm fuzzie things in all of our lives.
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