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Andrew Smith
Figuring it out, one existential problem at a time
Figuring it out, one existential problem at a time

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The Trump Way

I want to crowd fund something but I'm a bit concerned by the comments some folks make about all the pitfalls. Anyone with experience have the time to talk to me about it?

I got to introduce my niece to Dungeons & Dragons today. She's awesome. Being an uncle is cool.

Apparently any time of year is a good time of year to sing Jingle Bells Batman Smells. #thankskids

Who's bright idea was it to put stairs between the gym and the car park? #ow #jellylegs

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What I've learned by gaming with my young kids is interesting.

#dungeonsanddragons #gamerdad #gamerkids

‪From what I gather, it's not straightforward to rock a rhyme, especially if time must be precise.‬

Breakfast chats about which brain controls a hydra. We decided it's probably like an octopus neural system. #juniormythicalscience

And now my kids are asking me to run D&D. So far we've fought kobolds and jackals while trying to find a wizard in the forest.

A cup of tea and a copy of 2nd ed Players Handbook. Time to do some retro gaming. 
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