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Quick Hitter: What You Can't Concede
Bill Lindsay has a series of posts on the recent dust-up at Princeton Theological Seminary with relation to Tim Keller.  To briefly summarize, Princeton is an old and very well-respected Seminary affiliated with the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA).  PCUSA a...

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The Problem of Orthodoxy, Part 4--How About a Nice Game of Chess?
In the 80s movie War Games , a computer system (called, for reasons I don't remember, WOPR) is installed to take command of the nuclear arsenal of the United States.  A hacker played by a young Matthew Broderick accidentally triggers the "Global Thermonucle...

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Quick Hitter: This is Not Our Project
In the last couple of weeks, I've been listening to a great podcast called Inglorious Pasterds .  The three guys who make up the show--Matt Polley, Brad Polley, and Michael Baysinger--are insightful as well as funny and irreverent in the best possible way. ...

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On Florists and "Sincerely Held" Beliefs
As  I have mentioned before, when I am not writing this blog, I work as a lawyer.  I try to keep those two worlds separate, but every once in a while something crops up that bridges the gap that is interesting and worth talking about.  One such issue is the...

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Quick Hitter: When Christianity Becomes About One Thing
Over the course of the last week, the Take-O-Sphere has been awash with reactions to Rod Dreher's long promised book on the Benedict Option, titled, well, The Benedict Option.   Elizabeth Bruenig had a good review , that I talked about briefly here .  Rache...

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The Problem of Orthodoxy, Part 3--The Politics of Temple Policing
In the previous post , we looked at one part of what comes from having a focus on "believing the right stuff" as the foundation of Christianity.  But there is another dimension to this, one that is on some level on the opposite side of the coin from the End...

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Cloutier, Johnson and Coakley--Thinking Through Transgender Issues
There was a piece in Commonweal  magazine  that I read a week or so ago that I wanted to write about, but it took me a while to put together my thoughts.  It's about, in broad terms, a Christian (or, in this case, explicitly Roman Catholic) approach or resp...

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Quick Hitter: How Enchanted Was the Medieval World, Really?
So, Rod Dreher's long promised tome on the Benedict Option--entitled The Benedict Option --has been released, and the great Elizabeth Brueing has a review/reflection that is (not surprisingly) very much worth reading.  Bruenig hits on one of the core proble...

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How Did This Happen, Part 5--They Just Don't Get It
Just as you don't have to be the actual autocrat to believe in autocracy, or have any capital to believe in capitalism, you don't have to be a cleric in order to fully absorb the norms and values of clericalism.  And no one demonstrates this better than Mic...

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"This Old House" as a Model of the Church
Here's an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for a while.  It's in its most preliminary phases, so this is more of "getting something down on paper" than any kind of polished product. The Christian church, in many ways, is like a very old house. ...
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