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Smity Smith
Do you like biscuits? Bite my bum, its a cracker
Do you like biscuits? Bite my bum, its a cracker

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A genuine tune to +Clair Smith​ (past tense) (listen to the words pal xx

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+Clair Smith​ lol 😝😜

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MC Juice 🍹👍
Got a funeral to get ready for soon. Haven't slept. Still need to shave ma head n face, shower n iron clothes. It's a humanist funeral so nae suits n ties n shit. Am just wearing a casual shirt, dark blue jeans n brown boots..need the strength of ma G plus peeps behind me on this one.
All ma best friends are dead now. Tc everycunt. A love u all xxx

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Got a new found respect for this mc Juice.
I'd say it was kinda equal but that boy ripped it.
Off to search for some Juice shit.......

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Sad walkers lol!

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Well since someone plussed this I guess a gotta reshare it again lol.
Yoda gettin his ned/bam/chav on like a champ 👍👍👍
Yup.... Am watching Yoda dance.. Again... Who said amphetamines were a good idea? It's half ten in the morning ffs!! 💃 💃 💃 

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Fuckin tune 🎶 

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"it's always the good ones that have to die"
To the best mate a guy could have asked for, Ryan Haggerty
Love you bro and today we say our final goodbyes.
Cant sleep so am playing this for you bigyin xxxxxx 💗💗💗
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