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Kevin Koelling
Some say he killed a man with a guitar string.
Some say he killed a man with a guitar string.

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I am taken aback by the realization that I would totally pay someone to eat a kitten if I had limitless wealth. That would be a sight worth seeing.

MMm. Delicious Salmon. Why do I not cook this more often, he wondered, knowing full well he was a lazy little shit.

I have a kitty being all wonderful adorable and purring in my arms, as well as a weird urge to chuck said kitty at the older cat who's still getting used to her and watching things go crazy.

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Tom Waits - "Bad As Me" This on the other hand is easily the best thing I've ever heard.

Just encountered 1234 by Plain White T's. And now I'm sad. Not like, in an emotionally touched wow powerful song way. In a "Wow, someone actually recorded this" way.

So it turns out Cougar Town is pretty cool. Who knew?

Today has been shitty enough to convince me to finally watch Breaking Bad.

"Over the Top" with Sylvester Stallone is the epitomy of arm wrestling related art. That is all.

I lost numbers. Give them to me.

So what do you guys think the next absolutely ridiculous thing to get cheers or boos at a Republican debate will be? I'm going to with the holocaust getting cheered, or possibly crucifying gay men. Maybe rape.
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