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Today's post is about role-playing with a twist.  You both get to see the scenario but only you get to see your card and only they get to see theirs! So many surprises!  What is one of your fantasies that you would like to see me create?

PS.  I've worked really hard on this and I need your feedback, do you love this or hate it?  What would you improve on?  xox 

I just attended an Enrichment night and we talked about dating your spouse.  I'm wondering how you make dates happen in your relationships?  What do you do with the kids?  How do you make date night happen?  How often do you have date night?  What do you do for date night?   Are you in a rut and need more dating ideas?  Spill the beans I want to hear it!!!  xox 

So excited!!!!  I can't wait to share this with all of my friends.  We could all use a little dating help!!!  xox 

Yay, so happy to have a little spot on google just for me.  Bare with me as I try to figure this out.  I'm not tech savy at all.  Come Monday we will get this rocking.  Invite your friends my way, they will love you for it!!!!
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