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Chris Young
Just One Thousand Miles NW of Epcot.
Just One Thousand Miles NW of Epcot.

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There are so many thinks right about this. Great video of a blind man taking Google's self-driving car for a drive. Happy that they continue to push envelopes and innovate. 
I think that Google is working on two of the most exciting, disruptive products this century so far, with the Google self-driving car and Google Glass.  I have followed the car's progress, but the power of it really struck me in full force when I saw the image and video below.

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Haven't heard much about Facebook Post Targeting, but it's important to understand for for social media marketing purposes. 

It's true... I haven't been hanging out on Google+.  I haven't been hanging out in hangouts, which have admittedly been pretty interesting.  But the question is: who among my friends irl is here?  If no one else that I'd normally communicate with, then aren't I really just wishing that this was the cool place that people want to be?

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Columbia, Missouri has #gonegoogle

Earlier this week, St. Louis, Missouri announced their move to Google Apps for Government. The City of Columbia, Missouri joins St. Louis today with their announcement that all 1,188 of their employees are going Google.

Columbia City Manager Mike Matthes is our guest blogger today. Read how Mike brought Columbia to Google Apps for Government after successfully transitioning the City of Des Moines, Iowa to Google Apps last year.

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What can a legitimate marketer learn from a spammer? Here's my most recent blog post from the Callistetics blog at

Whenever people say "If you're going to move to a new country, learn the language!" about immigrants coming here, I understand, but most times I just stay quiet. I WOULD say something, but I don't know the Cherokee word for "irony."
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