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So I am in the midst of creating a dynamic landing page template for PPC traffic and am going through the usual steps: Clearly stating our value proposition, trying to remove any friction, avoiding distracting elements, being transparent, etc.

But then it strikes me; Why not just do it the Chuck Norris way?

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Great article as always about search intent from +William Slawski.


1. Intuitions are terrible when trying to figure out what people are searching for.
2. In particular, your intuitions are terrible.
3. That’s why Google does studies.
4. Fallacy 1: “I do it this way” so others do, too.
5. Fallacy 2 “My Mom does it this way” so others do, too.
6. Deep truth: You are statistically insignificant.
7. Deeper truth: (As a computer scientist/student/audience member) you are a couple of sigma from the norm
8. So are your friends

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Roger McNamee talking about making a billion dollars or the next Google. Focus: HTML 5 and mobile. I highly recommend you watch this, if you are creative tech entrepreneur. Found through +Gabriella Sannino (thanks, Gab).

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Gamification: A 3. grade class goes from being a slightly below average 3. grade class to mid 4. grade class in 4 ½ months. Love it.

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Yet another one of those "Why the hell didn't I buy this stock?" moments.

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The Google Toilet. Still hillarious - and the ohh so subtle message is even more relevant with Google+ on the rise. Food for conspiracy thinkers concerned about their privacy (and perhaps the world going under). "Google... We are way up your a**"

Warning: Geek humour!
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