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Wife, Momma, Teacher, Book Worm, Blogger
Wife, Momma, Teacher, Book Worm, Blogger


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From Grandma to You: Book Review & Free Printables
*This is a sponsored post As moms we are always bombarded by information and advice about our kids. With judgement from others, worrying about "fitting in" and following the latest trends, as well as the general "interconnected-ness" of our lives we can be ...

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MORE perfect gifts for Harry Potter Lovers (Part 3)-FINISHED
We all know someone who loves Harry Potter, or more likely multiple someones. So what do you give to a Harry Potter fanatic?? HARRY POTTER stuff OF COURSE! :) I've rounded up all the best Harry Potter gifts in this post, (and parts one and two of this serie...

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Gifts for Book Lovers
The only thing better than getting an actual book as a gift is getting book-nerd paraphernalia. Next time you need a gift for a book-lover (yourself included) pick one from this list, and it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser! I'm totally crushing on  these journ...

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DIY Mini Potted Mandrake
One evening while my husband was out of town, I was inspired by this  instagram photo... A post shared by Sarah Taviani 🇦🇺 Brisbane, AUS (@commasandampersands) on Mar 8, 2017 at 12:45pm PST  after I saw this I knew I just had  to have a Mini Mandrake for ...

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My Favorite Reads from My Reading List
If you read this post  you know about my 2017 Reading List, and if you read this post  you know I finished that list in 3 months!  I credit a lot of that quick reading to the AMAZING books that I was lucky enough to read! So, if you need to find a good book...

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My 2017 Reading List: Finished in 3 Months!
Every year I make myself a reading list and set a goal number of books for the year. This year, this was my reading list (it contains 24 books), and my overall goal number was 30 books (an additional 6 books + the books on my reading list ).  *This post con...

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My 2017 Reading List
Well it's March, and I'm finally getting around to posting my 2017 reading list (mostly because I actually finished it already- but more on that later). This list comes mainly from Modern Mrs. Darcy's two challenges for this year "Reading for Fun" and "Read...

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Gifts for Harry Potter Lovers (PART 2)- IN PROGRESS
After I published this post " Gifts for Harry Potter Lovers " I started coming across more and more gifts that should  have made the list... If I had discovered them in time! So I decided to publish PART 2 of this series! You can always follow along on this...

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Worthington Reading List: A Book You Thought You'd Never Read
I was dreading  working on this category... I mean who wants to read a book that they don't want to read, right??! But after finishing this book, I'm so happy  I didn't put it off. What I read: Illuminae I picked this book for "A Book I Thought I'd Never Re...

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Worthington Reading List: A Book That's Becoming a Movie in 2016
Time for another post about my progress on my Worthington Reading List ! I finished the category "A book becoming a movie in 2016" recently and I am so excited to share what I read with you all! I loved the book I read (even though I stopped for 4 months ha...
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