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A scribbler that pogonophiles will love.
A scribbler that pogonophiles will love.

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Rhetorical Juxtapositions: A Democratic Presidential Primary
What are you thinking about as you sit there on your living room sofa, maybe with your spouse or significant other, or maybe with some friends and family, feet reclined casually and a cold one  condensating seductively on one of your fashionable coasters?  ...

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Are Women Complicated?
I'm sometimes perplexed by glaring inconsistencies in culture that get overlooked. For example, why is it so commonly accepted that women are these complex and mysterious creatures that are so difficult to understand and make happy. I'm sure you've all seen...

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Sedans, Pickup Trucks, and Systemic Injustice
this metaphor, there was a superhighway that was the envy of the
transportation world. It was seven lanes across on either side and
managed an enormous amount of diverse traffic. Small cars, sedans,
compact SUVs, pickup trucks, large SUVs, etc. Bu...

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An Unexpected Burden
Little Timmy O'Malley walked into Ms. Kelvin's 8th Grade Reading & Language Arts class and sat down at the desk in the middle of the third row with his name taped to the top on a laminated index card.  He pulled out his mechanical pencil, with the large era...

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10 Days of Silent Meditation
     I took a trip recently that was more for personal growth and exploration than anything else, so I didn't tell anyone except for my wife a few close friends.  It was a 10 day silent meditation retreat at the Vipassana Meditation Center in Shelburne Fall...
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