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Try out the latest release candidate from +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Adds support for a number of the latest cameras as well as various bug fixes. 
The Lightroom 4.2 and Camera Raw 7.2 release candidates are now available on Adobe Labs! In addition to bug fixes and added lens support, we've added support for 11 new cameras, including the Nikon 1 J2, Canon EOS M, Sony DSC-RX100, and the Canon EOS 650D/Rebel T4i. Download the updates here: #Lightroom #Lr4 #ACR

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Lightroom plugin developers can add keyboard shortcuts (accelerators) to their menu items to make them quicker to call on Windows. If your favourite plugin menu items don't already use them why not ask the developer to make this simple change? Details on how to use them are in the article, along with a way Mac users can achieve essentially the same thing. #lightroom   #plugin  

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I always appreciate the photos taken by +Jeffrey Friedl , partly because I'm fascinated by the cultural differences he exposes between Japan and life elsewhere. Definitely worth adding to your circles. And if you publish your own photos on G+ please check out his comment on this post for a tip on how to make the most of your PicasaWeb space.
I'm going to try sharing occasional blog photos here as well, so I'll get things started with a collection of ones already posted this year. If I can figure out the details of the PicasaWeb/Google+ interaction, I'll add to it from time to time as I post stuff on my blog...
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I enjoyed this eBook. My review ( has all the details but I found its approach helpful when working out my intent for sharing. Once I understood that the mechanics of sharing became much simpler.
Give your photographs a life beyond your harddrives! There's a new Craft & Vision eBook out - Shoot + Share. Only $4 for the next few days.

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Jeffrey has looked into the thorny problem of colour management on that much talked about iPad generation 3 screen. The results are not pretty, though definitely intriguing.

FWIW I viewed the post on an Asus Transformer running Ice Cream Sandwich and found the stock browser, Opera Mobile, Chrome Beta and Dolphin HD browsers all fared as poorly in the colour management stakes. Seems mobile devices aren't interested in colour management even though they are quite happy to claim taking and displaying photos as a selling point...

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Ever wanted Lightroom to backup your catalog now rather than wait for your regular scheduled backup? With the release of +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 my TPG LR Backup plugin can now let you trigger a backup on demand. Check out the blog post for details.

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As with Laura I do most of my photography work in Lightroom, but it is worthwhile keeping on top of the great features being added to Photoshop as well. Can't wait to see the full CS6 release!

So its been a little over a month since I mentioned those projects I'm tackling on my "break". Progress so far?

Photos of new baby? Tick. And then some.

ZFS based NAS operational? Tick, and I'm very happy with how smooth it has been working and quiet it is compared to the old server.

DAM book refresher? Think I've read everything critical to adjusting my workflow for the new storage environment, and have tweaked my ImageIngester/Lightroom configs to suit.

Lightroom Laura's DVD review? Over half way through the content and have put the develop sections, in particular, to good use and have some great prints from some challenging photos to retouch. Need to put aside some time to finish and want to have the review out soon.

Lightroom plugin updates? Have made a couple of small updates to TPG Metadata Panels, have a WIP update for TPG LR Backup, and a brand new plugin on the way that I'm looking forward to sharing in a little while.

New photo software? Ive been putting it to good use and will continue to do so.

Unexpected "projects" chewing up time? Illnesses mainly. Not much progress happens on real projects when you feel rubbish. Thank goodness that is mostly over.

Anyway we are all looking forward to the festive season and catching up with friends and family over the next couple of weeks. Hope you all have some time off and spend it with loved ones. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!

Recently posted a review about the latest (free) Craft and Vision eBook. Summary: this is one case where you get more than you pay for! Some useful content and it is a good way to get to know the authors contributing to the Craft and Vision eBooks.

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I've posted a quick update about my recent Lightroom plugin releases over at the Photographer's Toolbox. From now on I'm going to blog about these updates more regularly, maybe once a month, to try to maintain a balance between letting people know about new plugins and capabilities, and avoiding cluttering streams with posts about every individual feature added.
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