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Ever secretly thought to yourself, "I like JavaScript and all but, Gosh, I miss array_slice, htmlspecialchars, echo and all the other functions from PHP :("

Well, you're in luck friends, introducing PHP.JS. Now, start using this with +node.js and you'll be where you started: coding PHP :)
Functions overview. Here is a list of functions currently implemented by php.js. Missing functions can be found here. Arrays. array · array_change_key_case · array_chunk · array_combine · array_count_...
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yay, I missed functions like sha1 and the time things.
which of them also work as client side js?
Is there a difference between array_slice and Array.prototype.slice?
Once you start with nodejs /javascript, just try to forget php (and those stupid global functions). You won't need it, it's polluting your global namespace, it's bad pratice. Just learn Javacript. ( i whished php was like javascript instead :)
+Jorrit Duin I wished PHP was like JavaScript when JavaScript was like Scala. All of us have wishes ;)
...uhm no?! Why would anyone want to stick to such a chaotic language?

(Btw: "Lack of knowledge" is the answer!)
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