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WinDbg Cheat Sheet - Updated Version

I’ve added several additional sections to my WinDbg Cheat Sheet. Windows Registry Windows Access Tokens Windows Heap Manager SwishDbgExt ProcDumpExt Windows Power Policy Local Inter-Process Calls (LPCs) Miscellaneous The new version of the WinDbg Cheat…

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Packers and Anti-Packing Techniques

Packing is a very common technique used by malware for obfuscation. The most popular and well-known packer is called UPX (Ultimate Packer for Executables). By packing malware binary files, the data stored within the file becomes unreadable, and thus will…

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The Complete Guide to Debugging a Stop 0x9F

I’ve written quite a few article about this bugcheck in the past, however, at the time of writing for those articles, some of my knowledge wasn’t as complete as it is now. I was relatively new to debugging and many of the techniques which I use now,…

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Farewell Blogger, I've moved to WordPress!
I've decided to move to WordPress instead of blogger, because it seems to be faster, no Google+ integration is required (only reason I have a Google+ account is for Blogger) and inline LaTeX code seems to work. I also prefer the themes available on WordPres...

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WinDbg Commands and Extensions - SwishDbgExt Library
The SwishDbgExt library contains a number of interesting extensions which are imperative for deep debugging results. The SwishDbgExt library was written by Matt Suiche . Note: If you wish to use the ProcDumpExt DLL for WinDbg, and also view the help informa...

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Some Interesting Numbers - Kaprekar's Constant, Polygonal Numbers and Highly Composite Numbers
I thought I would wrote a small article on some numbers which I find interesting, I may expand upon this topic in the future, but for this article I'm going to restrict myself to three forms of number: Kaprekar's Constant, Polygonal Numbers and Highly Compo...

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Chromatic Properties of House and House X Graphs
As with Bull Graphs, House Graphs are simple graphs (not the Graph Theoretic definition) which have been neglected. They may not be interesting or yield any important findings to professional research mathematicians, but I haven't been able to find a paper ...

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Windows Access Tokens - !token and _TOKEN
Windows needs to ensure that untrusted code and untrusted users aren't accessing important areas of the operating system, and creating problems which would ultimately lead to a vast number of BSODs. Windows manages this through Access Tokens which are used ...
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