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There are some pretty big changes on the horizon for elementary OS. Thanks for sticking with us this far and here's to our continued success!

Check out the changes as posted on the Journal.
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i was reading it and i was like 'holy crap this is big news' then i saw the tag at the end of the post lol
In related news, Canonical is partnering with Microsoft to make Ubuntu 12.10 and later releases use the Windows kernel so new users get access to a wider range of software without having to use Wine. (And so Canonical doesn't get sued by infringing all 9001 of Microsoft's patents, which in reality belong to Apple and they'll begin suing both of them.)
This will go great with the constant LTS nature of Ubuntu from 12.04 onward (look out for that to hit later on tonight!)
Sure they had me going. But...damn.
Do name them after #harrypotter characters.
Elementary Luna Lovegood
I loled, classic, as bad as the Microsoft open sourcing Win8 (Not that anyone would of cared)
Hahaha! I almost went crazy when reading that! I didn't realized it was a joke until I read the end of the post. In Costa Rica, our "fool day" is in 28 of december!
You tottaly got me, until rabbit stuff :)
I read this on my phone last night after many, many beers had been consumed so I was unaware it was an April fools joke for a few minutes. There was much rage and the group I was with didn't understand it at all. Well done, mates.
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