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In the past, I've shared with my friends my personal Christmas music stream. If you'd like to try my four hours of random songs on icecast/shoutcast, either for your display or just personal pleasure, you can go to
I should have it up through the 25th
To every one, have a very festive holiday season, and a very merry Christmas.

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Well, finally got my tree up. I'm somewhat pleased, but I may need to look into some things. The mirroring of the LED strip isn't what I'd hoped for visually, but the matrix looks good. Because of the LED lights, I want to figure out if I can PWM them better. ( something I should have tested out previously ) My hardware is a Pi 2 with 1 8chan SSR going to LED strands at 110v as well as two AllPixel boards driving a WS2812B strip and matrix. Software is fairly customized, although there are a couple similar branches out there for anyone curious. Config is stream-in icecast and FM out, with lots of tweaks. The poor audio capture of my phone is crystal-clear in the room. Song is from the guitar compilation, "Merry Axemas". Cantique De Noel (O' Holy Night) -- Richie Sambora

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A little information for those unfamiliar with LightShowPi and the Pi in general.
An overview of the basic setup :

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Tree topper ?

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Let's see if I can drive a WS2812B strip with this little board.

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Question : If you knew nothing about lightshowpi, would this video help you get your first setup going ? ( Feel free to critique, I'd love to re-do and improve it ) I realize it's 10 minutes and I barely scratch the surface on so many things...

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Not an interesting video on it's own, but I finally got to test out my software mods on a tree. Running a Pi 2 w/jessie. LED via SSR, onoff mode.
1) Audio is streamed in from an icecast2 server.
2) Audio is transmitted to an FM receiver via modified pi_fm_rds.
3) Audio data is buffered by 74 chunks in the python code before calling update_lights() for proper synchronization with the FM transmission buffering. (collections.deque)
4) Reworked the way mean and std are calculated by keeping 1000 chunks of matrix calculations in a deque.
5) Added peak/decay code for steadier lights.
6) Adjusted brightness calculation by -2%
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