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The 'V' Word
Recently I convinced Jeremy to watch Forks Over Knives. If you haven't heard of it, it's a documentary where researchers explore the possibility that people changing their diets from animal-based to plant-based can help eliminate or control diseases like ca...

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Bathroom Makeover
We've been in our house over a year now and we may be nearing completion on updating the bathroom. Maybe. Here's what she looked like when we moved in... In all her oak-cabinet-linoleum-floor-glory. And here she is now... We may have painted it twice.  Ok, ...

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Repurposed Towel Bar --> TIE RACK!
Yesterday I talked about how I added a little more function and organization to our bathroom .  I forgot to mention that I reused that Ikea towel bar... While Jeremy has a nice spinning tie rack that attaches to a closet rail, we don't have as much closet s...

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DIY Bathroom Organization
I have a blog?  What?? Seriously I haven't blogged in so long I'm surprised it didn't expire or something. I am.  We've been doing a ton of DIY projects around the house lately and I wanted to share! Lucky you. ;)   First up is this little DIY/o...

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Baby Book (Blog)
So a friend with a new baby asked me yesterday how much the twins ate when they were 2 months old...uhh...I have no idea!  It's possible I blocked the madness of the first six months with twins out of my head.  But wait!  I have a blog!  And let me say I'm ...

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Day 15 - Our final day in Birmingham!
First off, what an amazing experience that our family has been provided.  While this is truly about Ben and his future successes, we'd be remiss if we didn't take pause and thank ALL of the people involved in this effort.  A number of contributions from cou...

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Day 14 - Our final night in Birmingham
 Ben was ready to head to therapy this morning! Today was an exciting day, as we started doing things to wind down our
trip to Birmingham.  First, Ben got to take his cast off today! (It's
not permanent, when we get home, the cast goes back on for 45 minu...

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Day 13 - Oh... you know....
IT'S HUMPDAY! Today was another good day at therapy!  We got started, pretty much, right at 8.  We spent the first part of our morning working on a variety of hand manipulations, doing key grasps, tripod grabs, and occasionally working on our pincer grasp. ...

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Day 12
Today started off much better for the entire Yenger family.  Ainsley got her mother to herself all morning.  I suspect that make up was "applied" at home, prior to leaving for daycare.  I suspect that Ains was happy to be the lone apple of her mother's eye....

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Day 11 - Dad edition
The time is currently 8:44 pm. (Documentation of when I started this endeavor.  Bear in mind that the quality of this blog will take a significant hit this week.  Please return one week from today to see the writing that you have come to know and love.) Mos...
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