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Google drive...... going to rock.!

***********************Thanks to TRAI************************
* They reduced number of SMS population in our country . *
* Then changed the country to use internet for commmunication. *
* There is greatest power than SMS now Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. *
* People will contact their beloved by using modern technology. *

Proud to be a bieber

As many of you may be aware, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recently issued new regulations on the SMS industry in India. These regulations are designed to significantly curb the sending of unsolicited commercial SMSes to consumers. Consumers across the country have seen great relief from telemarketers . However, these regulations have significant impact on legitimate personal messaging services such as way2sms. TRAI new SMS guidelines & Impact on way2sms users
1. Way2SMS users are not allowed to send SMS between 9PM to 9AM
2. Way2SMS cannot deliver your messages to your friends who are on DND(do not disturb) registry.
3. TRAI new regulations wont allow us to send messages with your mobile number as sender.
TRAI has categorized messages as Transactional and Promotional. Unfortunately, they haven't addressed "Personal Messaging" category. This made us to fall under Promotional messaging even though way2sms is used to exchange personal messages with friends, relatives and known people. We have received close to 12000 Feedbacks so far and we know, 20 million other way2sms users are also in trouble due to the new SMS regulations. Due to the TRAI new SMS regulations, if you are not comfortable considering your "way2sms messages" as "promotional messages" , you can always write your feedback to TRAI at

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Just finished a late nt in the studio for the christmas is big bro @UsherRaymondIV is on the album with me! #EPIC

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Google plus looks exactly like Facebook , without the blue color of course , talk about plagiarism
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