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Chad D'Haenens

Been using tinyCam for 4+ years, but just now stumbled upon an extra tablet to reliably set up as my dedicated DVR.

I have the tablet set into background mode, however, I am not getting the exact results I want. On the tablet I have 128GB of storage, so I am constantly saving .mp4s of each camera locally at 3fps. I have my recordings cut by size of 4MB. This works great and once my quota for each cam is hit it begins deleting the oldest file locally. Local storage recording isn't my problem. Cloud recording is. I am sure I am just misconfiguring or not understanding the use case of cloud recording, but what I would like is for my local storage recording to continue as it is, and only when a camera detects MOTION does it upload the 4MB file that contains the motion to my cloud account (Google Drive).

Currently I am getting constant 4MB files uploaded to my google drive account, I am not sure of API limits, but regardless I don't want to be uploading large amounts of boring footage that I already have stored locally. I just want the motion detected footage so I can easily remotely access it and view it.

Each camera is configured this way ::
Camera -> Advanced Settings -> Motion detection ::
In-app motion detection [checked]
in-app motion sensitivity [35]
Record to google drive on motion [checked]

Camera -> Advanced Settings -> Recording ::
Recording frame rate [3.0 fps]
Local storage recording [checked]
*Cloud Recording -> Google Drive Recording [NOT CHECKED]

* I thought this was what got me my desired results. No recording to the cloud unless motion was detected.

Looking for advice/configuration help.


Does anyone know why I am not able to have more than 4 channels on at once? I have a solid state 8 channel relay and a pi3.

Everything is powered off only one outlet. I have a single strand of 50(count) LED's plugged into each channel.

When I run test I can only have 4 channels on at once, when I enable a 5th lights shutoff. Pi stays on. I then disable the 5th channel the 4 channels come back on.

Thanks for the help.

I am trying to enable/disable a lockscreen using AutoTools...

Something that can be done or not?

I have AutoTools running successfully for some features, but can't figure out the variable to take advantage of for a lockscreen disable/enable task

The direction I am heading --
Secure Settings >> Custom Setting >> Setting Type: Secure, Name: lockscreen.disabled, Input Type: Toggle, Value: 1

Not getting things working... Any advice?

Thanks, community

trying to override my configuration file

$ cp defaults.cfg overrides.cfg

$ vi overrides.cfg

-- then I make sure to only have one var custom_channel_frequencies = 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4

in my defaults.cfg I make sure any reference to cusom_channel_frequencies contains a # before it... when I then play a song I am not getting the mirrored effect I am looking for... Each channel still fires off individually... Seems like a configuration file is cached somewhere?

Any suggestions?

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Hey Community,

I want ALL my lights to stay on during the preshow_configuration

I can successfully add 4 channels ie: "on": [3,4,5,6]

In between each song, those 4 channels are all on.

However, if I add a 5th channel ie: "on": [3,4,5,6,7]

none of the lights come on during the preshow_coniguration

Any suggestions? Is this a known issue?


Syntax error here.

I have a variable %avpar(1) who's value will vary given certain events. 

I want to join that value with _COUNT this is easily done by the following:


The problem I have is I would then like for that to then be evaluated as an existing variable... this is all needing to be done in one action

ex:  %avpar(1) = HOUSE_FRONT

end result NEEDS to be this %HOUSE_FRONT_COUNT

%HOUSE_FRONT_COUNT contains an integer of some value.

I want to concatenate the % symbol to the front of HOUSE_FRONT_COUNT

I have tried %%avpar(1)_COUNT but having double % symbols at the front doesn't allow for the %avpar(1) to be evaluated.  I've also tried
%(%avpar(1)_COUNT) and that results in %(HOUSE_FRONT_COUNT)

Hope this makes sense, any help would be great.

+João Dias Hey, just curious if there is a write up regarding EventGhost AutoRemote: Send Notification

There are 20+ fields, and I am slowly finding out what each of them do, but I am not clear on a couple of them eg: Show Share, Ticker, Max Progress. 

Sorry to bother if this is a simple thing available in your already existing tutorial, and I simply failed to use my eyes. 

Alright Crew, been sporting a moto360 since pre-order... I have my work profile that when I take a break it starts a 15 min or 10 min timer on my phone... anyone know of a task that will accomplish starting a timer on my moto360? Ya'll rock.
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