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Yeah, I think this is boss. 
Thousands of common dolphins speed through the waters off California in this video footage captured by a drone. Find out about more about the incredible event:

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All I can say, is now I want to learn how to fly airplanes...

h/t +Michelle Quevedo 
#aviation   #flying   #airplane  
If you've ever wondered why I love flying small aircraft, this is why.
This is truly what it's like in the cockpit.
It's incredible...
This video was filmed from my absolute All-Time favorite aircraft!
The Velocity
Enjoy! :-)

#aviation #aircraft #flying #velocity #filmphotography #airplane

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One of the best suggestions I've seen so for regarding this subject.

h/t +Gavin Nascimento 

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This is pleasantly colorful and creative. 
Although I wouldn't like to park under this- if you know what I mean.

h/t +Dominique Magnin 

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Okay, this I've gotta try.
It may seem foolish to break out the heavy-duty slow cooker and Dutch oven that normally turn out hearty, cold-weather meals, but there really is no better time to put these pots to use for an easy-to-prep, summery spread.

Get 6 Dutch oven and slow cooker meals perfect for summer >>

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This so disturbing. NOT COOL! I hope they find the person doing this. 

h/t +Jerry James Stone 
WARNING: Someone in San Francisco is going around poisoning dogs by leaving around tainted meatballs. Keep an eye on what your dog is eating. Here is what they look like.

Please pass it on!

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Don't leave your pets in your car this summer! 
How many times do we have to tell people this?
With hot summer temperatures, don't leave any animal in the car, and be on the lookout while you are out shopping or whatever for idiots that are not smart enough to figure it out

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I'm always impressed by innovators such as +Richard Branson when they encourage all forms of education and enrichment.
Love this quote.
Education can happen everywhere, every day to every person

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These kind of guys make me sick.
A governor who will punish journalists for doing their jobs: The Governor of Maine blacklisted 3 newspapers because they exposed a major scandal in his administration:

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I think I did this when I was their age too. 

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