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Flabby Baller?
This must be a sign telling us we really don't need another Flabby spin-off...

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Flabby and its Flappy Friends
We've fed a few of Flabby's non-flying friends some red energy drink, thus giving them flappy wings!  Get acquainted with each of them today! Flappy Rabbit [ DOWNLOAD ] This is not the original Rody Horse toy. It's a rabbit. Sure, it's chubby like Rody. Yep...

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白色情人節(ホワイトデー) 源於日本。日本的女生會在情人節(2月14日)的時候送禮給心儀的對象,而收到禮物的一方,則會在3月14日回禮。雖然大眾都批評這一天為純粹的商業行銷手段,但世界各地的情人依然可以很經濟地渡過一個浪漫的白色情人節。 (一)全身穿白色看鬼戲 這樣不單能夠在黑暗的戲院緊抱著快要被嚇壞的情人看戲,相信一身的白色穿著也能夠促使其他的觀眾離你們遠一點,提供了免費的私人空間。想再提升效果,可以在戲播了一半才去更衣再進場。 (二)送白色的。。。 维基百科說 白色情人節的習俗是送白色的巧克力、內衣褲、等...

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Happy Flappy Valentines!
Some of our fans have asked for a classic version of Flabby Bird, and we here at realGameDev love to give the people what they want! You may recall that we released a limited edition Valentines Day edition of Flabby Bird back in February.  On White Valentin...

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Brand New Flabby Bird Tips To Improve Your Score
Unnecessary censorship? What
was your high score on Flappy Bird?  7?  15?  46?
 How would you like to score in the
hundreds!  After playing so many
different clones, I’ve arrived at a deeper understanding of how to get high scores
on the unflappable origina...

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Almost Famous
We were sort of featured on an article that kinda applauded us for cloning Flappy Bird but not really? Read it here ! The article talks about how there are hundreds of different Flappy Bird clones: With the game gone, it wasn't a surprise that others rushed...

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Meet the Flabbys
Very update!  So challenge!  Much friends! Our latest update is jam-packed with features and improvements! > Better (?) sound! > Exit with back button! > 7 brand new Flabby friends! > Extended play with continues! Can you unlock all 8 Flabby and friends? Ge...

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Check out the exciting conclusion!

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Who doesn't love candy? Parents!

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If we made a DVD, this'll be its exclusive content.
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