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Maemo Mapper creator gone Google
Maemo Mapper creator gone Google


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67% of California didn't vote for Trump.

I wonder if we could secede in time to avoid a Trump presidency....

Well, Trump was right about one thing: the system is rigged! :) Thanks to Vladimir Putin and Julian Assange.

I wonder if Gary Johnson was in on it. Clinton probably would have won if he hadn't been in the race.

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Do the world a favor and get a flu shot. It doesn't just help you - it helps everyone around you. It's not perfect, but the more people who get a flu shot, the safer are those who physically can't get a flu shot, including infants under 6 months.

"Anyone over the ages of six months old who doesn’t have medical conditions that would cause them to react badly to the shot should get one."

New recommendation for this year (per the linked article): get the shot, not the nasal spray. The latter's effectiveness is apparently questionable....

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OK Go came to Google today. It was awesome! During the last song, "Here it Goes Again", they invited me (and others) to come on stage to dance with them. I won't post any video of us dancing :), but I was literally right next to Damian Kulash (lead singer), and I managed to snag the set list, which I've attached.

And yes, they did play a Led Zeppelin song: Black Dog.

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Trump: "Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism"

Wow. Just wow. Ignoring the insensitivity of this statement for a moment.... The perpetrator was born and raised in the U.S., so Trump's "ban immigrants" stance obviously wouldn't have helped. And the guy's ISIS "allegiance" seems to have been a last-minute thing - his homophobia was the real trigger.

People who know me know that I'm a Republican, but come on, Trump is a huge mistake for this party.

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Everyone it seems
Has somewhere to go.
And the faster the world spins
The shorter the lights will glow.

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Love the strings. Can't wait for the rest of the new album!

Got my Tesla Model 3 reservation!  But, the confirmation email says the following, and there's no way this is true, right?

"In the first 24 hours Model 3 received over 180,000 reservations, setting the record for the highest single-day sales of any product of any kind ever in world history."

Surely the Apple iPhone (or even the Samsung Galaxy S) has sold more (either in pre-orders or in actual-orders) than 180k in a single day?

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Kim Dong Chul: I don't know you, but despite that, I'm pretty confident that you're innocent of these deplorable charges.

And while I disagree with your motion to "confess" to something that you didn't do, I understand why you did it.  After all, what choice do you have when the North Korean government is pretty much demanding your cooperation (else torture/death/etc.)?

And if North Korea is listening, then.... oops?  Actually, I don't care, North Korea's government is full of thieves and beggars, as far as I'm concerned.  I mean, seriously: accusing random Americans of "espionage" ?  That's pretty low.

If this is my last post, you'll know why....

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It's not often that I agree with Forbes, but this is one very-clear example.  On what planet does it make sense for France to enforce its (or the E.U.'s) laws on the rest of the world!?

"There is absolutely a role that the US Government should take. They need to tell the French that this is simply not going to happen. They should, to put it politely, go boil their heads, wind their necks in."
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