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Kate Mothes
Tea-sipping blog-rolling paint-spiller.
Tea-sipping blog-rolling paint-spiller.


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And so...
I think the time has finally come. The blog... at least this incarnation, has reached its final destination. I am so happy to have been able to share my experiences pre- and post- move to Edinburgh in the last year and the blog has been  an incredible learn...

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So it begins.. sort of...
// via // Dissertation. The icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the--oh wait, it's not like that at all, is it? Sure, next week is the last week of classes (quite possibly the last classes I ever sit in as a full-time student, but then again, that's what ...

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Spring sounds
Alright, it's about time I get another playlist up here because I've been changing up my playlist pretty drastically lately... here are 15 tracks I've been completely hooked on! I won't bog down the page with a bunch of videos, but I've included a few choic...

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Castle traipsin'
The week, it is over. Or, at least, my whirlwind week in which my youngest sister flew across the pond to visit me here in Edinburgh before we popped down to London for all of about 48 hours. It was maaarvelous! Exhausting, of course, but time simply disapp...

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Well, the sun's been out. That's pretty much my excuse for not blogging as much. Aside from also having four essays in-progress and a dissertation I've been planning, but I digress. It's been a little bit warmer in Edi and although it's been a little bit cl...

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Snap: Patrick Geddes Steps
Patrick Geddes Steps, 4 March 2014, 11:45pm. Cheers, Kate xx

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International Women's Day - a memory
This post is a bit of a one-off departure for me and the blog, but as it's International Women's Day today, I would like to share an experience of mine from 12 years ago that I have never written about. The day after the experience I'll outline below, I typ...

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Nick Mulvey at Electric Circus
// via // Last weekend I impulsively purchased a ticket to see Nick Mulvey at Electric Circus in Edinburgh. Partly because I had happened to stumble across a few of his tunes several months ago (he's got an EP and a couple of singles out at the moment) and ...

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Fruitmarket BookMarket 2014
Last Saturday I met up with some friends to go check out a between-exhibitions event at the  Fruitmarket Gallery  in Edinburgh! It was the Artists' BookMarket that featured over two dozen independent presses, book artists and printmakers. It. was. fabulous....

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Oh my god it's March!
I cannot believe it's March! I thought February would never end! Ahh!! I've been a little off ball lately, still getting over my mystery illness (I'm about 98% back on track) and starting to work quite diligently on essays which are due (at last!!) starting...
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