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Ex-Patriot living, learning, and loving in Viet Nam.
Ex-Patriot living, learning, and loving in Viet Nam.
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Addictive Behavior Has Consequences
Mike Pulaski
March 30, 2012

The Federal Reserve bought 61% of all the US Treasury Bonds issued last year.

This is a new development for the Fed. Usually, other countries buy all the Bonds the US Treasury needs to issue for its domestic budget deficits. In the past, China, Japan, and Russia were the biggest customers of US Treasury Bond auctions.

The Bonds represent US debt. The US Treasury guarantees the Bond’s buyer a certain rate of interest paid on certain intermittent dates and then redemption of the bond’s face value at some future date.

The reason the Federal Reserve has stepped in and purchased so much of the US debt is that the traditional Bond customers have reduced their purchases.

Obviously, the customers won’t come right out and say why they are not buying the Bonds, but they really don’t have to say anything to understand what it means.
The Bonds are no longer as safe or as an attractive investment they once were. No need for specifics why. Their actions are sufficient.

Remember, despite its name, the Federal Reserve Bank is NOT a US Government entity. It is a private bank owned by Americans and foreign nationals who are individual investors in the Fed. The elite of international finance are owners of the Fed. Owners having names like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Goldman Sachs, and Warburg.

Now let’s see how these international financiers control the behaviors of individual countries around the globe by way of their investment strategies.

Essentially, their control works in a way similar to how a drug dealer converts a customer into an addict. The dealer makes the availability of the drug very attractive, usually by price, and the customer drifts from a casual customer to an addict, as his life changes dramatically.

Soon, the addict becomes dependent on the drug dealer as well as the drug itself. The drug dealer uses these dependencies as leverage to induce the addict to do criminal acts intended to benefit the dealer.

International financiers have been the global ‘drug’ dealers for centuries. They even have help. Their proxies have names like the International Monetary Fund, the G-8, and the G-20 nations.

The Federal Reserve is also one of their proxies.

Here’s how they operate: They shower a Third World nation with easy money (the drug). The Third World nation becomes ‘high’ with this new spending power and quickly becomes indebted to the financier (addicted)….the financier cleverly allows the nation to become so indebted that they cannot possibly keep current with their debt repayment. That’s when the financier steps in and begins to dictate how the indebted government runs their country in order to satisfy the debt repayment.

In all cases, the addicted country is required to ‘squeeze’ its population’s standard of living in order to repay the debt. The squeeze comes in the form of a decline or elimination of entitlement programs. Private pension plans are nationalized. In addition, labor and environmental rules are relaxed to accommodate foreign manufacturing companies to establish operations in the country.

Further, the financiers dictate how the government equips and deploys their domestic police and military forces. Usually, the forces are used for domestic repression. Repression becomes necessary due the population’s reaction to the decline in their standard of living.

Examples of this strategy already employed by the financial elite upon Third World countries are: Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, and Greece.

The financial elite have honed their skills in the subversion of Third World countries. Now, they are going after the biggest target in the world: the United States.

Today’s US Politicians are addicted to deficit spending. Typical of politicians, their rhetoric of a balanced budget and their voting records are mostly opposites. The politicians have been bought and are controlled by lobbyists representing the most powerful organizations in the world.

In their quest to be re-elected, politicians will not vote to cut any Federal program that benefits their state or district. The military industrial complex realized this decades ago and has strategically placed its manufacturing facilities in order to guarantee majority Congressional approval for their proposed programs.

New defense-oriented program proposals generate revenue and jobs in states and districts. Thus, it doesn’t matter if a particular state or district is represented by a Republican or Democrat. Regardless of party affiliation, the politician will vote for jobs and revenue.

Conversely, Government programs such as Medicare and Social Security do not produce revenues for these states and districts. This explains why, during budget sessions, cuts in defense programs are not on the table but entitlement programs are.

The international financial elite are quietly acquiescing to the US Treasury’s continual requests for money to pay for domestic budget deficits. This fits a pattern already discussed above, where their proxy – the Federal Reserve – is buying US Treasury Bonds without hesitation.

The Federal Reserve is in the process of converting US Treasury, and along with it, the American People into addicts they will control.

We have already seen how the elite treat addicts.

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America's Empire is the result of extracting the resources from its own population.

I am not making this up.....The State Legislatures of Arizona and Pennsylvania are telling physicians that they must lie to their patients about certain health related issues. The lies that physicians are being required to tell their patients fulfill the political goals of the legislators regarding abortion and natural gas fracking.

Do you see anything wrong here?

Too late, Rush. You stepped on your Viagra dick for the last time.

Advertisers take advantage of you every day. It’s time that you fight back.

They invade your life, take cheap shots at you and then disappear. They leer at you from tall buildings and make you feel small. They make flippant comments from buses that imply you’re inadequate unless you do what they say. They imply that all the fun is happening somewhere else. They have access to the most sophisticated technology and psychological research in the world and they bully you with it.

They laugh at you. They treat you like you are some kind of laboratory rat.

You, however, are forbidden to touch them. Trademarks, intellectual property rights, and copyright law mean advertisers can say what they like, wherever they like, with impunity. You are led to believe that you have no rights in return for their invasion on your person.

Fuck that.

Any advertisement in a public space that gives you no choice whether you see it or not is yours. It’s yours to take, re-arrange, and re-use. You can do whatever you like with it. Asking for permission is like asking to keep a rock that someone just threw at your head.

You owe the companies nothing. Less than nothing….especially any courtesy. Instead, they owe you. They have re-arranged the world to put themselves in front of you. They never asked for your permission, so you don’t have to ask for theirs.

Thank you, Banksy, for the inspiration. MP.

Reality check.

The reason why Congress overwhelmingly passed the NDAA and Obama quickly signed it is they are deeply afraid of the "awakened beast" represented by the OWS movement. The issues brought forth by OWS cuts to the very core of whom and what the ruling class and their Masters - the power elite - really are.

The power elite stand to lose even more than their middle managers (who are the President and Congress). Face it. They've been preparing for this for at least a decade (signing of the Patriot Act)....what with the militarization of local police forces, the legality of using the US Military domestically, and the building of numerous detention centers around the country by Halliburton.

The nullification of Posse Comitatus now provides the availability of active duty US Military to police the US population. At least 1 Brigade of soldiers has been training in urban riot control for the last 18 months in Colorado and is operational, ready to be deployed domestically.

Ever wonder why we have an all-volunteer military? There was a revolt in the last 2 years of US participation in Viet Nam by draftees against the officer corps and their refusal to continue combat operations. That's the real reason. Further, all volunteer soldiers are easily isolated from mainstream society and can more easily be brainwashed. Now recruits are asked in boot camp if they are willing to confront US Citizens and even shoot them if told to do so.

Plato wrote in the Republic that democracies must have citizen-soldiers in their military....that means drafted soldiers. His thinking there was that citizens coming from the mainstream of society are willing to fight in "just" causes. Similarly, if a society has a military that is not conscripted, it is very easy for that society's leaders to engage in wars that are not popular with the general population....hmmmmm.....

Recently, an RFP was sent out to the likes of KBR specifying they bid on preparations of supplying support services for a huge influx of prisoners in these Halliburton-built camps as well as numerous other temporary detention camps....the RFP says the bid should include provisions on hand for at least 30 days for 2,000 persons at each facility (which surprised me....I thought it would be of a longer duration).

There are even railroad cars designed and available specifically for the transport of prisoners. All detention facilities have rail sidings. I've seen on-the-ground and satellite pictures of both the rail cars and the facilities.

Understanding this and accepting it as "real" depends on your view of how things are run in this country and how you understand the moral and ethical structure of the power elite. If you believe there is a power elite that pulls the strings of the President and Congress, that's a good start. Then consider this: The ethical and moral structure of the power elite has its basis in class warfare and it has been that way for centuries.

The 99% are viewed as the proletariat - or serfs - organized in a stratum represented by a socio-economic order....and it includes professionals all the way down to hamburger flippers. The 1% will do any and everything to maintain a disciplined serf population, because their end game is simple....serf production makes them money.

Ever wonder why there has been a recent assault on labor unions?

The organizers and participants of the OWS cause enough friction to the 1%'s money machine such that they need to be identified and isolated. Thus SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and NDAA.

Next comes control over the internet. SOPA or some variant that nullifies the power of social networking is in the wings. Not only will interdependent information exchange be censored or virtually eliminated, but high profile individuals will be identified and detained indefinitely, even tortured. Drones will be used domestically, authorized to use deadly force.

Thus, the 1% will maintain control and the money flow will resume unimpeded, no matter the cost.

Not much has changed since feudal times, really.

Hello Fellow G+ ers.
Please consider the following as a NON-PARANOID observation, but a practical observation for you to guide your choices of behaviour.
All governments are very afraid of social networking, evidenced by their attempts at censorship. Even governments we would otherwise consider "humanistic", censor the web....and the content that is being censored and/or viewed and then documented and stored is not of a pornographic nature.
No, the information I'm talking about is what each government defines as "seditious" dialogue and then associating that dialogue with individual participants. Intelligence gathering 101.

Here's something for all you "Thinkers" to read.
It is a letter I wrote to a friend.
I've connected multiple dots that paint a clear picture.
Read it and tell me if you agree or not.
It is meant to promote dialogue, not flame-o-grams.

Dear Little Brother,
OK. You ask fair questions about the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Because of my love and respect for you, I will put effort into my answer for your serious consideration.

I see these pieces of legislation as finishing touches in the takeover of our Republic by the military-industrial complex. Now we’ll be in the same league with China, Syria, Iran, and North Korea.

The beginning of this takeover was the assassination of JFK. LBJ was part of the conspiracy, and immediately following the assassination, he dutifully led the US into Viet Nam. He was simply following the orders from those to whom he reported....those who were responsible for JFK’s death. Those who benefit from promoting continuous war. At the time, I remember reading a quote from the Beijing People’s Daily, saying the assassination was “a military coup d’etat”. At the time I shrugged off the comment as so much Communist propaganda....but filed it, nonetheless.

Prior to his departure for Dallas, JFK drafted orders for a complete pullout of military advisors from Viet Nam and it was to start in December, the month after his assassination. Also on his desk awaiting his signature was a memo ordering the US to cease its involvement w/the Federal Reserve.

JFK was also involved for some time in secret communication w/Nikita Krushchev, where they both were pursuing the disassembly of each country’s military industrial complexes with the goal of a lasting world peace.

His communications w/Krushchev were personally carried most of the time by Ethel Kennedy to Berlin or Vienna, circumventing the State Department and especially the CIA, for which he had the greatest antipathy. He told his brother Bobby after the Bay of Pigs that he wanted to blow up the CIA “and scatter it into 1,000 pieces”. Neither JFK nor the CIA kept secret their mutual distrust and hatred.

Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy, just as he said prior to his death. He was a CIA operative, recruited from the Marines. In the service, he had a secret clearance as an intelligence specialist controlling U-2 flights over the USSR from Japan.

The CIA conducted an elaborate effort in grooming Oswald for the final set up, sending him to Mexico City and New Orleans, ordering him to make enough ruckus to get into local newspapers....that would be used later use for the paper trail following his assignment to assassinate Kennedy. Jack Ruby was also a low-level CIA asset.

More than likely the professional trigger men stationed near the “grassy knoll” were recruited from Marseilles by Sam Giacona, who wanted JFK dead. He wanted the hit because of JFK’s support of Bobby Kennedy’s shutting down Sam’s gambling/prostitution/drug running enterprises in Havana, Cuba as well as Sam’s very personal reason.... the president was regularly having sexual intercourse with Judy Exner, Sam’s mistress!

Obviously, the US Defense, Intelligence, Finance, and Industrial complexes would be “out of business” if JFK had his way,and therefore they could not tolerate such radical moves. They had no choice but to kill him because they believed that Kennedy would pull it all off.

What I have said so far is completely documented in publicly available records.... these are not writings by extremist kooks, but scholarly research done by reputable academicians of US Government records obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests. The records are official memoranda, letters, reports, and various other physical evidence pieced together that tell the story. These records do not specifically document JFK’s death warrant, but instead show a mountain of evidence for a motive by those parties mentioned above. I’m more than happy to point you to the bibliography.

The next major event leading to our country’s takeover is 9/11. It’s not hard to prove that 9/11 was also an inside job. Essentially, it was done by the parties that were responsible for JFK’s murder.

It follows the path of their overall strategy to take control of the Republic. The amount of smoke put up by mainstream media has done an exquisite job of obfuscating this from the US public.

9/11’s purpose was twofold. First, Iraqi oil had to be secured. Second, the American public’s civil rights had to be curtailed through the passage of the Patriot Act. A major event such as 9/11 would curry sufficient support from the American public so that they would willingly exchange their civil rights for security from the threat of terrorism. This concept was originally promoted by PNAC, a neo-conservative think tank with ties to the Federal Reserve and Israeli Intelligence. Notable members of PNAC: Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Scooter Libbey and a gaggle of others, who populated George W. Bush's administration.

The assassination and 9/11 events follow the pattern of other democratic government takeovers by tyrannical groups throughout history. It’s really a simple formula. It’s a direct copy of how Hitler managed to wrest control from Kaiser Wilhelm. It is for good reason that I often refer to today's America as the "Fourth Reich".

The perpetrators knew of the dire US financial situation and knew that once the smoke and mirror game was up, there would be widespread riots in US cities. The Patriot Act stripped out most of the Bill of Rights, notably Habeas Corpus. Ron Paul is correct when he said that the Patriot Act was written well in advance of 9/11.

In addition, the Patriot Act invalidated Posse Comitatus, a Civil War era law that prohibited the use of the US military for domestic duty, especially against American citizens in quelling civil unrest.

While the banksters were doing their newly-legal looting of sovereign states, Libyan oil was the next target of the military- industrial complex. NATO took care of that. Remember, NATO is the Pentagon’s proxy.

Now in the wings: Iran’s oil pool. Retired 4 star General and former head of NATO, Wesley Clark said as much years ago. Taking Iran will be a much trickier task, because China has reached its tolerance limit of Western hegemony, especially Western control of petroleum sources.

With the passage of NDAA and the sneaky politics surrounding SOPA’s passage as early as this Wednesday, the fascists will have control over the internet. Further, since there are alway ways around censorship filters, those who are able to do that will be hunted down and detained indefinitely as "terrorists". Either that or killed by Predator drones on American soil, courtesy of NDAA. Thus, the noose of censorship becomes tighter with passing time.

The politicians are running scared regarding the power of the internet, especially its use as a communications tool by dissidents. They fear the internet’s capability of blunting the propaganda that MSM’s broadcast outlets keep spewing. The increasing failure of MSM’s propaganda to keep the serf’s quiet will create more civil unrest than the power elite can comfortably tolerate.

Career politicians know that their time is up if the Occupy Wall Street protesters have their way.... especially if the OWS continues to effectively use the internet such as it is in its current “open” state. The military industrial complex players know the same thing. Therefore, the internet must be throttled back. Action must be taken.’s show time!

(xxxxx), our leaders have known for decades that this country is financially bankrupt, much like the former USSR....and remember how quickly it vanished once the leadership admitted to its financial bankruptcy.

Our country’s elected leaders have been incapable of taming the military led empire building beast, just as former president Eisenhower feared. This beast is devouring all our resources that would otherwise be spent on the US population’s welfare and infrastructure....but only if we had a more civilized political environment.

What our leaders are desperately trying to do is stall the looming Great Crash as long as possible. They've been doing a very good job of it ever since Nixon took us off the Gold Standard in 1971.

However, there are no more rabbits left in the magician's hat. Thus, the screws are being tightened at an increasing rate: externally (world financial markets) as well as internally (budget cuts).

The gifted and "critical thinkers" saw it coming and have been scrambling for the past decade to pick the cupboard clean before it implodes. When it does collapse, it will be sudden, violent, and chaotic, just like the way the USSR evaporated. The aftershocks will last throughout the rest of your lifetime.

Here’s what I foresee:
There will most likely be a nuclear exchange within a year or two. The "End of the World in 2012" freaks will be half right....that is, the whole world won’t get torched.... but the firestorm will still be sufficient to be called an apocalypse, nonetheless.

A major US metropolitan area will probably be hit first. My guess is Baltimore. It could very well be an inside job, using the W80-1 nuke that was hijacked by an inside military cell (probably Christian fanatics groomed years ago by the Air Force Academy) from the Minot AFB North Dakota arsenal in August, 2007. It’s one of those nukes where you can dial the intensity of the TNT blast equivalent, anywhere from 10 - 80 megatons.

If it is an inside job (most likely by the same parties involved in JFK’s assassination as well as 9/11), it’ll be low yield and there will be certainty that the prevailing winds at the time of detonation will carry the radioactive cloud eastward, out into the Atlantic. Baltimore is close enough to DC for PR purposes, yet far enough away from the lives and homes of most of the perpetrators and beneficiaries of such an event.

Compared to NYC or Boston, where most of the banksters are located, Baltimore is an Atlantic Ocean "junk city", large enough population, and suitable enough for the false flag event.

In a retaliation for this false flag event, the US will unleash its vast arsenal and we'll have an Apocalypse of sorts with most of the nukes detonated in the Mideast, just like Revelations in the Bible infers.

By this nuclear exchange, the fundamental Christian US military cell will deliver to their civilian brethren the Biblical prediction, assuring many future generations of awestruck and unquestioning followers.

Afterward, the US will have Iranian oil unless China roadblocks it with its own arsenal. Then all bets are off.

You, your wife, and the majority of (xxxxx) people are relatively safe from all that I see coming. You're far enough away from the strategic hubs of population and commerce. You're close to robust food sources and fresh water. The general (xxxxx) population is decent, law abiding (such as it is), "Christian", and honest. No matter how tough it gets, (xxxxx) people will be relatively insulated and will therefore survive.

The only caveat to this “(xxxxx) is safe” concept is if China gets involved in a nuclear exchange. If that’s the case, then the heartland's missile silos will be targeted and no one on this planet will be safe.

I had to leave the country. If I stayed, I’d be in the thick of it somewhere close to the “action” and would not personally fare well. The fascist forces in place are far too powerful. They will prevail. They will crush dissent at every turn. I don’t think the 99% stands a chance at anything other than their loss of blood and life.

The fascists will continue their assault on the American public’s rights, welfare, and economic well being. That’s because the American economic engine is rapidly becoming obsolete and of little use to the power elite in the long term. The offshore movement of jobs was a simple economic decision by the power elite. Adding insult to injury, the elite are now picking what little meat is left on the skeleton before everything turns to ash. By their promoting things like curtailing unemployment benefits, food stamps, Medicaid, Pell Grants, the right for labor to organize, etc., they'll take the pennies saved to line their pockets or make more bombs.

Again, you and your family are mostly safe. However, it would be prudent for you to stockpile food ala the Mormons. Provide the technology for your own electricity and drinking water supply. Also start to accumulate portable wealth for use in barter.

Junk silver is good. So are separate ounces of gold. One time you asked me who would cash them....the answer is cash will be fairly useless in many different scenarios, but noble metals will work in exchange for goods and services. That’s why I particularly like junk silver. That’s the 90% pure silver in pre-1965 silver dollars. You can buy bags of them and you should consider doing so. It’ll be good for everyday small stuff. I’ve found APMEX to be an excellent source for this.

OK. I’ve said my piece. Are you sorry you asked questions?

Much Love, Peace, and Blessings to your wife and family,

Mission Accomplished.
Our Republic's form of democracy is dead.

The US is now under the control of a small group of ideologue terrorists embedded in the US Government, funded by international bankers, industrialists, and religious groups.
Violence directed toward the general population will continue to escalate.
Constant foreign wars, contrived commodity shortages, inflation/devaluation of sovereign currencies, riots, foreclosures, bankruptcies, theft of individual retirement savings, vigilante-ism, and borderless societal chaos will now be the norm.
Vast amounts of wealth will continue to be transferred from the many to the few.

The 9/11 incidents, the immediate passage of the Patriot Act thereafter, followed by a decade of polarizing domestic propaganda, is now topped by the "Indefinite Detention" legislation. These actions have caused this group to successfully wrest complete control over the American population.

When you think about how the power of the US terrorists is concentrated, you can understand how such a small group can control the population.

The all volunteer military has been uniquely acculturated for decades; is isolated, and thus remarkably different than US mainstream culture. The US military is well funded, equipped to an incredible level of sophistication down to the last soldier, and very, VERY obedient. The military is led by highly intelligent service academy Generals. They're the terrorists' enforcers. Sure, there's a high rate of soldier suicides, but there are plenty of willing replacements....they come from the growing pockets of US destitution....the same pockets where polarizing propaganda is beamed with the greatest intensity.

There are no longer Miranda rights, Habeas Corpus, free speech, freedom of assembly, or freedom to redress grievances. If you attempt to exercise any of these former rights granted by the US Constitution, and you make enough "noise" to attract attention, you will be incarcerated indefinitely. "Taken out", so to speak. Silenced. And if you are really an effective protester - one with a large following - you will be tracked down and murdered by a Predator drone. On American soil.

It didn't take a great number of conspirator-terrorists to pull this off, and that is its evil elegance.

Similarly, it won't take a great number of these terrorists to maintain their absolute and ruthless control.

If you are keeping an open mind and are having a hard time digesting all of this, it is quite understandable. That's because it's so shockingly huge.

Will someone please tell me why Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize?

Due to his receiving it, the reputation that the Nobel Peace Prize once carried is now gone forever. It's just a cheap political toy, available for purchase.

I get it. Obama sold his soul to get the Peace Prize.

Obama is the leader of state sponsored terrorism. He has authorized the use of Predator drones to murder people with impunity....regardless of international sovereign boundaries.

That's terrorism, folks.

We're international terrorists, thanks to his leadership. We no longer hold the high ground to the "Axis of Evil". We're one of them.

And now that the Predator technology has been field tested successfully, we're bringing it back to the USA for home use!

Pretty FKN nasty.
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