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Tony Iannone
I'm a teacher, reader, writer and thinker.
I'm a teacher, reader, writer and thinker.

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A researcher has predicted illiteracy rates—based on your mobile data usage

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Today's "Writing into the day" is brought to you by your friend and mine...Michel Foucault...enter at your own risk!

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My "take away" from my interview with Heather!

Some writing I did yesterday...working on a chapter of a book...very "drafty"...

2016 07-11 New/potential chapter 4...

In chapter 3, I talk about an experience that I had as an educator and how that experience in turn helped me re-imagine what was possible with the students I work with. Performance poetry is just one example of what could be called an embodied literacy; one where imagery, which can be taken to mean a variety of things, is integrated, woven into the and often times informed outwardly, in an equally anticipated number of ways, with text. In this chapter I will slow our conversation down a bit, taking time to explain how literacies like performance poetry make students aware of their role in being in literacy--being the writer/the performer in other discourses. By explaining how embodied literacies work in this way, I hope to make more transparent the reciprocal nature of teachers needing to be able to re-imagine what is possible from the children we work with before they are capable of imagining what is possible from their position as student writers. It is during "this" process; I will name here as "becoming," that students' imaginations are most inclined to be enabled or constrained. Before I delve into how embodied literacies can function I would like to take brief aside in the form of a question. One that is as rhetorical as it is literal. Do you see schools as dead end places or places where good things can happen?

School: Desolation Row or a Place of Possibility?

Morgan seems so liberated, “Our class loves graphic novels! Donate some to us," she asserts, her gaze turns back to the Twitter Door, a "writer-draughtsman" in the works.

What image does this sentence produce in your mind? Does it leave you conflicted, confused maybe curious? The Maillardet brothers, 19th century "tinkerers" created a automaton known as the "writer-draughtsman," a mechanism that could write poems and draw pictures. A famous line from one of the poems emotes, "I do my best to please you all, Encourage then my youth." Morgan's words, like the automatons can lead us to see schools in one of two ways, dead end places where our image of...

...I imagine you, my reader to side with the notion that schools are places where good things can happen...

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Most people with an Apple Watch complain...the watch is too doesn't do enough. I am not in that camp...I see it for what it is. However...if I were to poke fun at the watch...I might do it this way.

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What is the argument being made here?

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So here's an article I'm working on...if you saw it in a magazine...after reading the first 3 paragraphs...would you continue reading? If so, why? If not, why not?

I'm thinking about writing as process vs focus on formats (formalism)...where...if at all is there room for things like...

1. The teacher being concerned that writers are focused on meaning making?
2. Looking at errors as Windows into the way a writer is thinking.?
3. Teachers and writers coming to terms with the fact that writing is messy work?

The more I look at the CRWP cycle of writing graphic that was handed out on day 1 of our advanced institute...the more I do not see room for these things. Which leads me to believe that "we" NWP sites are going to have to create the space for these things. Which leads me to wonder...why is "it" not already there? Why are we having to re-claim what we are known for?

2016 07-07 Writing into Day Three of CRWP...

The College-Ready Writers Program graphic tells a story about how to teach and write to make the point that teaching and writing has to follow a certain trajectory. My own experience with teaching and writing yields a point that is different. What I take away from my own experience with teaching and writing is that both are not and never will be linear or dare I say...cyclical. As a result, I conclude that this graphic is flawed!

Do templates enable or constrain writers anymore than a cycle of writing enables or constrains a teacher of writing? #unccwp #nwp #crwp
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