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Rich Szczepanski
Musician, programmer, philosopher, weirdo.
Musician, programmer, philosopher, weirdo.

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I don't know where I got the idea for this one but it's different. The time below is 8:21am. The numbers change for AM/PM.

Check it out on Google Play!!

#Android #AndroidWear #WatchMaker #WatchFace

Dear Google,
The "new" version of G+ sucks.  It's poorly designed and not thought out.  For example, when someone mutes a post, what happens?  A string of text is displayed on it saying "muted".  Really?  How about hiding it like the old, better version?  Why would I bother to mute something if the only result is it has more text saying muted.  Smart people doing dumb things.  Embarassing.

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5 days and 12 hours without a weather refresh. Urbane 1, LG V20, stock, latest FW, Watchmaker 4.0.0b2 Premium

Ongoing issue. This happens quite often yet other apps update weather correctly so I don't believe it's my phone. It did this on my Nexus 6P too as further "proof".

Edit:  didn't realize the weather hadn't updated for FIVE days!  That can't be right.

Three things.  First the bug tracker really, really sucks.  Second, weather updates are still hit and miss.  Third, Zenwatch3 is round not square.

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Trying to win a phone via some sketchy international giveaway and have to post their shitty link?  Tired of community members being mean and reporting your shitty spam to Google then blocking your spammy ass?

This is your place.  Keep it legal and not too nasty (to be determined at MY discretion) and I don't give a rat's ass what you post here.  Just keep it out of the good communities.

Two months and no posts.  Bummer.

On the bright side I just got Android 7. (can't spell the name) and it appears that after several days, WallMate hasn't stopped working on my Nexus 6P.  It's still going strong.

I bought a Chromebook and am beginning to see the lure.  Amazon had a sale on the Samsung Chromebook 3 last week so I figured I'd try one out.  At worst, if it sucked I'd return it.

I've been using it as a medium weight browser with a usable keyboard.  My laptop takes too long to boot and only has a few hours of battery life.  My iPad is fine for the lightest of browsing jobs but the keyboard blows.  Basic stuff like closing tabs and selecting the address field are clunky at best, requiring multiple presses before the tablet registers the press.

First-world problems, I know.

After learning some of the keyboard shortcuts, the Chromebook is really very efficient and the chicklet keyboard is comfy enough to do some reasonable writing or posting.  Also, this thing has an 11 hour battery life which makes it feel far less tethered to a plug socket than my laptop.

I'm still learning but I'm digging it so far!

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The fifth in my X-wing series. The others were posted in the beta section and I'll see if I can get them available here.

Feel free to share it! RS A-Wing

One Click Install:

Find more in the stream: #mepresets

Download Minimal & Elegant:

#AndroidWear #WatchFace #MinimalAndElegant
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In version 3.9.0-beta 12, "Nougat style" tinted background doesn't disable the background tinting.  It's always on regardless of this setting.
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