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Trust yourself, find the others...
Trust yourself, find the others...
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A video about artist Mia Wolff, who once performed in the circus. Interesting story...

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Things are not what they appear

Take a closer look and you will see that this is not a leaf, but an insect using camouflage to look like a leaf. Zaretis ellops, or "The Seasonal Leafwing" is a moth found in Costa Rica and Mexico.




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More rain coming

It's starting to flood in the Central Valley, including this portion of Interstate 5 near Williams in northern California. This Interstate is the main north south artery of the state. In the mountains above this flooding we are expected to receive 10 more inches of rain over the next few days. The water that falls up here works it's way down to the valley. The ground here is saturated, so with more rain on the way we will be hearing about more flooding.

Here in the mountains both Hwy 50 and Hwy 80, the main trans-Sierra roads have closed and re-open due to landslides. The only other trans-sierra pass is closed due to flooding. It's not inconceivable that large areas of the state could be isolated due to flood, and mudslides. Stay tuned over the next few days to see how we handle the expected rainfall.

Enjoy this short video from a big rig making it's way down the Interstate 5.


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Our back yard

This is a short 3 minute video showing our portion of Empire Creek after the last rain. It has actually gone down about three feet since last night. This creek eventually flows into The Sacramento River, and out The Golden Gate.


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Oroville Dam spillway fails

Considering we have received over twice the average amount of rainfall for this year with over 60 inches (152cm) so far, something like this was bound to happen. Over the last few days engineers at The Oroville Dam, which is the tallest dam in The United States, noticed a large hole in the spillway. The Spillway had been open to release water from the dam which is rapidly rising. After shutting down the spillway to investigate, it was decided to open the spillway to water. Just an hour ago the spillway completely collapsed, caught in this photograph.

Authorities say their is no danger of the dam collapsing. The dam holds back water from The Feather River in The Sierra Nevada foothills east of Sacramento. The water is used to supply southern California with water, irrigation needs in The San Joaquin Valley, as well as providing electricity, and flood control.

Just now the Department of Water Resources responded on Twitter, "Despite rumors, #Oroville Dam spillway has not collapsed. Additional damage to the spillway has occurred due to the increased flows." The photograph appears to show the water exiting the spillway and flowing down the side. I can see little or no water reaching the bottom of the spillway.


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The Classics

Puzzles are something we do on occasion during the long winter nights. Just finished this 1000 piece puzzle of book classics. You'll likely recognize some, or most of of the titles. Putting this puzzle together reminded that here are so many classics I have not read.

Just the other day at the bookstore I recognized the cover of "The Alchemist" from the puzzle. Bought the book. What a great story!
Now when I'm at the book store the book covers jump out and beckon me.
Which one next?


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Bird or poisonous caterpillar?

Amazing mimicry from a young Cinereous mourner (Laniocera hypopyrra), a bird from the sub-tropics and tropical regions of South America. The word cinerous is a color that means "ashy grey in appearance, either consisting of or resembling ashes, or a grey colour tinged with coppery brown." That's the adult bird being described.

The young birds resemble poisonous caterpillars. "The young birds of the species are orange with long filoplumes that end in white tips and have a resemblance to hairy caterpillars of a moth belonging to the family Megalopygidae. The young birds move their heads slowly from side to side which are thought to enhance the impression by resembling a moving caterpillar. It is thought that this may be the first case of Batesian mimicry involving a harmless bird mimic and a toxic insect model."

novataxa blog


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Backyard chicken coop yacht

This is the view from the "yacht". There is an additional picture of the outside at the link. The lower portion is a greenhouse. Looks like the city off in the distance. Pretty cool!

The Shelter Blog


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Pay phone, Haight Ashbury 1967

You had to carry change with you so you could make a call.
The technology is different, the devices dated, but the message is the same.


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When it rains, it pours...

The Northern California Sierra precipitation index is now above an avg entire water year! 50.8" (1,290 mm) since Oct 1, yearly avg is 50.0". Avg to date is only 23.8" (604 mm).

It's always exciting being around for these record breaking events. We still have February and March in our rainy season so who knows what we will end up with before the dry season starts in May. I remember the record rain years of 82-83, and 97-98. Lot's of wide spread flooding, and landslides. There is a dry spell forecast for the end of the week. We could use it to dry out a little.

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