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Security Executive Council
The Security Executive Council is a research and advisory services firm that specializes in risk mitigation.
The Security Executive Council is a research and advisory services firm that specializes in risk mitigation.

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Smart Security: Practices that Increase Business Profits
If your goal is improving security and the business bottom line this Proven Practice presentation provides some information you can use to achieve your objective.

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The Need for Effectively Telling Security's Story
Don't waste any opportunity you get to talk about security with others in your organization. Here is a plan to follow to make sure you can tell security's story effectively regardless of the audience. 

Framing the Future of Global, All-Hazards Risk Mitigation

Conversations during the Security Executive Council’s Next Generation Security Leader (NGSL) event in Atlanta will leverage forces of change in all-hazards risk mitigation to support global brand leadership. 

SOC/GSOC Benchmark Survey Results 

See how your compare your organization compares to these selected response results of a 2015 SEC GSOC Best Practices Group study. 

Who Owns Investigations?
If you want to bring investigations under your department or just want to address investigative confusion this paper will help you get started. 

Next Generation Security Leader (NGSL) Atlanta 2016: Framing the Future of Global, All-Hazards Risk Mitigation

NGSL offers an environment where leaders and upcoming leaders in the security industry come together to share experience and knowledge to improve their programs and careers. 

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What is the Most Important Concept You Need to Communicate to Management?

Take this Security Barometer quick poll that investigates communication and, more specifically, presentations to senior management. 

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Security's Most Meaningful Metric

These results of a recent SEC security barometer quick poll show what your peers think would be the single most meaningful metric to have for their security function. 

Diversity is More than Cultural and Ethnic Differences
This successful, experienced security leader’s thoughts on meeting corporate diversity goals within the security group will have you considering more than human resources department driven requirements. 

Operational Excellence in Contract Security Performance Measurement

This report that our SEC expert in operational security metrics just completed on applying an operational excellence methodology to contract security services contains real-life experience-proven examples of value enforcing KPIs to apply to contract security SLAs.
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