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Hey, y'all! If you added me and happen to actually know me, please let me know; I've been ignoring all adds for a while now.


We cut off our cable at the house a while ago, but I'll need Internet access over the holidays for a few working days.

We've got two iPhones and an iPad (AT&T). We live in a tech-friendly area - though all wireless connections within typical range are secured.

I can, of course, squat at a place with access for a couple of days, but that feels rude.

Ideas? How can I cheaply get access?

I got a great price on a Hilton brand hotel near the client (in Chicago). Turns out it's swanky-ish!

The Palmer House review: like most hotels with beautiful/breathtaking lobbies, the rooms themselves are kinda crummy. But at least it's well-decorated crummy, and the attempt to retain the historical aspects of the building help explain the small room size, etc. It, however, does not explain the lack of a microwave or fan in the bathroom, for instance.

The breakfast spread is slightly better than other Hilton brand hotels I've stayed at.

Verdict: fine for a week or two, but wouldn't stay here a month. Pretty.

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Dead Kitty

I wimped out and ordered a calazone for dinner. Tomato soup again (without cheese!) just wasn't going to cut it on my final night here.

In other news, I'm trying the conditioner-only technique for my hair. Day 1 worked out fine - so far, so good!

As much as I love long, hot baths, it's time to admit I have troubles sleeping after taking one.


Cleaning out the kitchen to move = eating some weird meals. I'm trying to get gung-ho about dethawed pot roast with a side of tomato soup (and a glass of milk) for dinner.

When you leave an apartment, how clean do you feel it needs to be?

On the one hand, the landlord is going to get it professionally cleaned before the next tenet, anyway. But, on the other hand, do you want the landlord to know you went that long without scrubbing the shower (for instance)?

Pride versus the time to get everything done/laziness...

Today I plan on kicking butt and making my stresses scream in agony - until, of course, they can't scream no mo'.


Two more knitting projects done (fire sweater and fruit loops scarf)!

Next: that purple baby alpaca afghan. I started it at least 6 years ago. Time to finish!
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