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Ben Healey
Data aficionado, life-long learning enthusiast, skeptic.
Data aficionado, life-long learning enthusiast, skeptic.


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Org Chart of All Major Tech Companies A funny take on how all the biggest tech companies are organized..

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From the cover of the 'HomeCare' catalogue spam at our door this morning...

Comes with free guide to celibacy.

Flip through more crap you don't need here:

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The psychology of eating: a bigger fork leads us to eat less. Similar studies have found that plate size, and (for popcorn) bucket size also have a significant impact on amount consumed before our appetite is satiated. Environmental cues matter a lot.

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The future of home computing (as predicted in 1966). Look how worried the husband is...

Setting up a G+ circle with one person in it (my partner), shouldn't it really be called a binary quasar?
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