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University Final Year Dissertation Project Summary
The purpose of
the Web-based
Tool for Interactive Visual Summary Generation of Geographical Data project
is to design and build an interactive geographical map online platform prototype
for exploring statistical trends in the 2011 UK census data. The ASIGM

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Unlimited Register Machine (URM) Example
The goal
of this URM is to calculate the function: i
+ (2*j) + k and place the result in R 4 , where for example i = 2 , j = 3 and k = 7 . So the function
is now 2 + (2*3) + 7 URM
Program: Z (4) J (3, 4,
6) S (1) S (2) S (4) J (1, 1,
1) J (2, 4,
10) S (1) S...

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Turing Machine that recognising set language
A Turing Machine is a theoretical machine that performs
computation using a strip of tape conferring to some predefined rules. In other
words a Turing Machine can be described as a piece of software built to perform
a set of predefined rules. There are diff...

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Data Mining the Parkinson's Speech Dataset
The following report presents the results of analysing the Parkinson’s Speech Dataset. This analysis was undertaken as part of my Introduction to Data Mining module assessment. It the study data analysis techniques such as basic descriptive statistical test...

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World Peace Pathway - London Ad Campaign
Over the past 2 to 3 weeks I have been working on an
advertising campaign with the Week of Pray to World Peace ( )
charity otherwise known as WPWP. Together with the amazing Maggie Fitzpatrick , Bree Fitzpatrick and Margare...

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Kleene’s Theorem step-by-step example for constructing Regular Expressions from a Non-deterministic Finite State Automata (NFSA)
Kleene’s Theorem proves that any language that can be
defined by a Regular Expression (RE), a Finite State Automata (FSA) or a generalized
Non-deterministic Finite State Automata (NFSA) can be defined by all three
methods. Using this theorem, below the NFSA...

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Excel Project Management Plan and Gantt Chart Tutorial
  What to expect from this tutorial.   Figure 1   Creating the Project Plan 1.       Open excel, create a blank project then add the
following headings. Figure 2 2.       Enter the Sample data below. Figure 3 3.       Calculating the duration using the “St...

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Create JTable using Vector() and one class
Note: This example assumes that a connection class already exists.  /**  *
Fields  **/      // Connection
variables.      Connection conn = null ;      PreparedStatement pst = null ;      static ResultSet rst = null ;      private Vector columnNames = new V...
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