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Crete Girls' Holiday
So - I've just realised that I haven't shared anything about my lush holiday to Crete with my awesome friend Carlie last month, what an oversight! At the moment we're just in the final stages of selling our house in Lymington and so I need to be gazing at p...

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My favourite essential oils and natural remedies
As you may have seen from other blog posts, I've been on a real 'healing' journey in the last few months, exploring acupuncture, tarot, shamanism, crystal healing, making natural remedies, meditation, mindfulness and lots more. One of the healing techniques...

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Victorious Festival Ticket Giveaway
So some of you may have noticed that over the last few months of living at home I've fallen head over heels for the pretty seaside town of Southsea, and I'll be moving there next month (which I'm incredibly excited about!)  This is perfect timing for me, as...

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Denim and fresh white pumps
I must say I am absolutely  loving  the weather this weekend - it's been so warm and full of sunshine and I have spent most of it either in the garden with a good book (oh and there might have been a bit of prosecco) or wandering around nearby Southsea. I s...

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Slow mornings
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a green tea obsessive.  In fact my friend said to me the other that I literally 'session' green tea, drinking one after another until lunchtime.  However, at the weekends (and on Fridays now that I work four days a week),...

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The penultimate time I will come here
When you buy a house you imagine filling the roll top bath with sumptuous, scented bubbles, and conjure up images of blades of grass bending under your bare feet in the garden as you hang out the washing.  You imagine wine glasses clinking and smiling eyes ...

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Malin + Goetz - amazing natural skincare
One of the things I'm hugely interested in at the moment is essential oils and botanicals, and how they can be used for healing, skincare and self-care.  I've been gradually weeding out any of my skincare and beauty products that aren't made from predominan...

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Mindful walking + Mother Earth
Okay so, this is your five second warning that things are about to get a little bit woo-woo.  Or hippy dippy.  Or 'out there'.  Or whatever you call things that sound a little bit spiritual (no skincare reviews or photos of burgers today, soz). I want to ta...

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Getting woo woo - my journey into spirituality
I posted on Twitter recently (and I wasn't joking) that I was after a girl gang I could infiltrate where I could talk about tarot, crystals, burning sage, aromatherapy, yoga, Law of Attraction and all things a little bit woo woo (which I'm reclaiming as a t...

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Getting ready and drinking fizz
Although I am currently in Crete I am reliably informed that the weather is pretty terrible back home and thus you will immediately be able to spot that these photographs were taken a couple of weeks ago when we still had wonderful sunshine in the UK.  One ...
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