Quick Dragonmeet thoughts:

Overall a great event and I'm really glad that I was able to make it this year. The atmosphere was awesome, everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves and everybody I interacted with was really friendly. Trader hall was packed with a wide variety of stalls (including a lot of Cthuhlu inspired material, guess it's big this year). Unfortunately due to running 2 games I didn't get much time to look round the stalls and by the time I was finished in the evening they were all beginning to pack up. Also meant I yet again failed to catch up with +Lloyd Gyan.

This isn't to say everything went smoothly, as I did encounter a few organisational issues. My AM game was about 20 minutes late to start due to the queue to get in, at the scheduled start time I had 1 player. I don't know if there was an issue with tickets but overall I think doors opening only 30 minutes before games kick off just isn't enough time. The second issue was one of signage, or lack there of. There were no signs directing people upstairs, not helped by the counter intuitive fact that getting to the main escalators required going back out past the front desk.

Third, the bring and buy which I almost lost my money at. I'd been incorrectly told to collect money and unsold books at 7pm. Apparently this should have been 6pm, right in the middle of the second RPG slot. Luckily the people waited for me but it seems a little silly to schedule things to clash in that way. Finally, and most annoying on a personal level, was that the sign up sheets failed to list maximum numbers. This resulted in me having to turn somebody away from Project Cassandra and in the process losing the person they were with. I was able to give them copies of the game as way of an apology but still not great.

On a personal front both of my games went really well, albeit for completely different reasons. The Firefly scenario, Niska's Race, played out almost perfectly with a table of 5 enthusiastic players including +Matthew Tyler-Jones. I've now run the scenario half a dozen times so it plays out smoothly and I can anticipate most of the directions the players will take. Thanks to the multiple NPC crews I can also mix it up depending on who they seem most interested in during the opening scene rather than limit their options. Plan for the scenario now is to write it up in some format then retire it, while it's fun I feel like it's time to switch to something else, probably Demon Hunters.

For Project Cassandra the game went well in a bad way, ie the system broke down. Essentially the difficulties weren't working and for the majority of the game the players just breezed through things. Partially this was down to me not setting high enough numbers but also due to the tweaks I'd made to skills following a previous playtest where the players struggled to succeed at much. This means that it's not as finished as I'd have liked but on the plus side the players all thought I had a good core game, they enjoyed themselves and provided a lot of suggestions on how to fine tune things. It means I'm back to it not being finished but not so far back that I need to scrap major sections of the text.

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